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ok as far as non-chain restaurants go since u think allen is a wasteland. el grande burrito on greenville is beast, i've had pretty much the whole menu with great reactions on all, even breakfast. then there are two others where they are still family run though there are three locations. terra Mediterranean grill and freds cheese steak. terra is spectacular, fresh ingredients, unlimited supply of freshly warmed pita bread+olives and tomatoes, and the portions are huge;...
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak prefer
Quote: Originally Posted by snake lego close enough
So I live in Allen, which is very nearby to Plano and about 30-40 minutes from the heart of Dallas and I'm always looking for new places to eat at. I have a hard time finding a general consensus online as to great places to eat around my area. Feel free to mention fine-dining suggestions as well as even though I am 17, I plan on a great meal for my 2 year anniversary.
price drops, also added a price to the jcrew thermal cuz i forgot about that.
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you barneys has free ground shipping you barney Sssh, I want a discount.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kill_switch is anyone on here a sa for barneys that can proxy me some of the olive florentini boots? yea, dont really want to pay shipping to buy online.
Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 Since it is the one from Barney's I think I know which one it might be. Any chance for other pics? Also are you sure there are no snags or piling? Has it ever been washed/cleaned? Sorry for all the questions, but since I can't see clear pics I want to get an idea of how worn it is. There are a couple minor snags and the piling isn't too bad but I can give it a quick once over if you'd like. I've...
is anyone on here a sa for barneys that can proxy me some of the olive florentini boots?
understandable mistake, its alright.
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