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what does size 44.5 in vass equate to? im a shoe noob.
sq - my gf was watching that bravo show thats like project runway (idk the name) and dsquared pronounced it as lawn-vaughn so i wasnt sure and i googled it and that seems to match what i found.
Quote: Originally Posted by eckblk Augusta Oiled Horse- should be here tomorrow woooooww, fucking nice.
really want patchwork shorts in like a size 2-3.
waist measurements?
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert You're wrong, dude. In this case, especially, I am not looking at price but at attractiveness. Most other sneakers just don't look good. What?
I was measuring a long the back, when taken from the front it comes to a 16.5' in the s2s and 19' give or take in the p2p. The shirt is fairly fitted in the top block and is a semi-slim straight shirt all the way down, think EG except not quite as wide.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Oh, you're right. They're gold. are you color retarded?
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