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Harsh, but relevant.
Are you in the wedding or just appearing? What is the climate and is it a wedding for some rich tycoon or one of your college friends? You don't want to dress so well that the bride ditches her fiance for you.
Neiman Marcus Last Call house brand shirts - Trim fit model. They routinely (once per quarter) go on sale for $35 a piece. Two ply, usually x100s. Nothing is going to beat a tailored fit, however. My best advice is to buy a shirt for the fabric and then take it to the tailor.
Anyone know anything about the quality of fabrics and fit for a Christian Lacroix suit? I see that they are fully canvassed but no idea about how much padding in the shoulders, if it fits like a Corneliani Leader or more like a Hickey Freeman Series A. Thanks.
Too short for me - nuts
Are the trousers fully lined? What would you say is the weight of the wool?
Dual vent, inseam length, full canvas?
Dual vent, inseam length, full canvas?
Looks like it was custom made by their wardrobe designer http://clothesonfilm.com/michael-kaplan-talks-mission-impossible-ghost-protocol/23716/
What other secret shoe sites do you have
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