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I am in the process of planning a style book for both men and women and would love to gain some input from forum members on the design, content etc. I would greatly appreciate any feedback, content requests etc. Please can you PM me and I will give further details on the project. Look forward to hearing back from as many as possible! Maybe you can tell me what was lacking in ex. Flusser's and Roetzler's books and what you would like to see in this one. All comments...
Be sure to visit Leffot - amazing shoes (got some nice Wolverine boots last time I was there!!) I also liked the Gant store on Bleecker (new Michael Bastian collab and Rugger collection), J. Crew Liquor Store, Unis & Steven Alan.
Quote: Originally Posted by forex I would at least go half size up,these are definitely too tight for you,you can see the lace opening so wide,clear indicator that they are very tight for you. Maybe this last doesn't work for you altogether,who knows. I have that on many of my shoes. I don't find it to be a problem. The lace opening for me tends to be very wide and forms a large V-shape but it doesn't bother me at all. Probably due to a higher...
Where can I find a mustard coloured turtle neck as seen in this photo?
Please post more recommendations.. Looking for good restaurants and museums.. Visited the miro and picasso museums on my last visit. Tomorrow is my final day here so I would really appreciate some good recommendations on how to spend it. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the suggestions. I remember that Santa Eulalia and Bel & Cia were very good stores on the Passeig de Gracia.
Any new recommendations for Barcelona?? Hotels, restaurants, shops etc.? Advice is most appreciated. Thank you!
Cordings is considered to be the original covert. "Cordings has long been known as the originator of the covert coat which has become symbolic of the fusion between country and urban wear. The original Cordings' covert coats are still considered the best by those in the know and have maintained all the classic features."
Quote: Originally Posted by mussel MacArthur Glen outlet. I believe there's a bus service leaving/arriving near Duomo if you don't have a car. For Incotex, you'd be better off on eBay, there're plenty of them but I concede many of them are priced quite high. Thanks for your reply! Will try to see if I have time to visit the outlet.
I know there have been numerous threads on the same subject but I'd love to hear some updated tips on what stores to visit while in Milan. Restaurant and other recommendations are also greatly appreciated! I am looking for these items: summer weight sweaters dress shirts Incotex trousers This is my usual list: M. Bardelli Al Bazar Doriani Boggi Tincati Any recommendations on sale stores etc. would also be appreciated! Thanks!
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