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Quote: Originally Posted by comrade Recommendation from earlier post. Not super high end, but excellent clothing: You might wish to try these shops for well-priced semi trad menswear. I own several pairs of their dress slacks, the oldest of which is from the early 80s. They are superbly made and have worn extremely well. I haven't been to paris since 2000 , but the last time I checked, the stores carried the same style and quality. Arthur et Fox 159...
Quote: Originally Posted by medtech_expat I'll be in Paris myself the last week of April. Was planning to hit up the shoemakers: Carmina, Corthay and Dimitri Gomez. +1
I would recommend the following: Aux Laines Ecossaises Arnys Charvet Dries Van Noten ( http://www.esquire.com/blogs/mens-fa...enswear-100710 )
Thanks so much everyone for your comments! I really appreciate your feedback. If anyone reading this (who is involved in the business) wishes to be involved (ex. interview etc.) then please be in touch.
Quote: Originally Posted by TimH I am wondering just how big this book is planned to be? Mens style has filled so many books but to include womens style might take it to infinity. Good luck and anything I can help with let me know. Thanks Tim. Will PM you soon with more info on the project !
The Rhinelander mansion on Madison Avenue is definitely worth checking out as well. :-) I think you can find Charvet ties and shirts at Bergdorf's.
Quote: Originally Posted by Montauk Best of luck to you, but I think it's a bad idea to write a book for both men and women. It's two almost completely separate audiences. Thank you. That is a valid point which you mentioned but we believe there to be an audience for a book like this as both men and women are often interested in each other's style. For example, male readers of the sartorialist tend to also be interested in women's styles. I...
Thank you kindly for the input. Our idea is to clearly separate each section including both women's and men's street wear and more formal wear. We will also have a section on mixing both casual and formal elements.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH If the more rugged streetwearesque stuff is your thing I would check out Opening Ceremony in soho as well as Freeman's Sporting Club on the Lower East Side. +1 Freeman's!
I am in the process of planning a style book for both men and women and would love to gain some input from forum members on the design, content etc. I would greatly appreciate any feedback, content requests etc. Please can you PM me and I will give further details on the project. Look forward to hearing back from as many as possible! Maybe you can tell me what was lacking in ex. Flusser's and Roetzler's books and what you would like to see in this one. All comments...
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