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good post cultpop ! Totally agree ! Tokyo Slim, I think Japanese street style is very interesting and unique especially in big cities like Tokyo and Osaka !
I agree totally... what is a normal way of dressing ? Smth which we have all agreed upon? We could of agreed many 100's of years ago that wearing large boots and animal prints would be used as a suit...
I agree that some of those outfits are outrageous and that people should instead seek to be different via their personalities and their values but your clothes mirror you as a person and therefore you can also be unique through the way you dress. I've seen some examples i like and others that really shock me!
If someone has the link to that other Helsinki fashion site and the Stockholm site then please post them !
coming from finland i know a thing or too about winter hats i guess... i'd recommend the aviator hat from "Canada Goose" : If not that then buy an oversized beanie or an awesome beanie from Dior if you are willing to pay a lot...
I just picked up Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" from the book store.. I'm looking forward to reading it !
I agree... many ppl in the posts don't look good and are def. over weight but they all have an interesting distinctive sense of style and it's quite interesting to browse through the site. It's got some cool looks !
fantastic recommendations !! I have always been a great fan of Napoleon Hill.. please post more recommendations if you have some...
some of those outfits are definately quite "different." does anyone remember the address of that other Finnish street style site ?
Here are some street style pictures from Helsinki, Finland : http://www.hel-looks.com
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