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coming from finland i know a thing or too about winter hats i guess... i'd recommend the aviator hat from "Canada Goose" : If not that then buy an oversized beanie or an awesome beanie from Dior if you are willing to pay a lot...
I agree... many ppl in the posts don't look good and are def. over weight but they all have an interesting distinctive sense of style and it's quite interesting to browse through the site. It's got some cool looks !
some of those outfits are definately quite "different." does anyone remember the address of that other Finnish street style site ?
Here are some street style pictures from Helsinki, Finland : http://www.hel-looks.com
I recommend some polo shirts from Morphine Generation if u like the rock look... I also like the polos from Iceberg.
thanks for the tips guys... i'd like to order something off the web... I have always loved canada goose but everyone in finland has them nowadays so it ain't too original
I am looking for an extremely warm BLACK winter parka that can take extreme temperatures like -30 degrees. I know Canada Goose is good but too many people wear it which makes it kindaa boring. I want a very stylish parka which is functional, NOT TOO BIG looking, ending at the waist with a cool fur lining... all advice is greatly appreciated !!
I'm tall (almost 2 metres) and in my early 20's. I'd like to buy a classic suit which is timeless, yet very sexy and modern at the same time... I like my suits to sit very well but not slim fit like Dior. What suits would you recommend ?? what coloured suit would be the best to buy and would suit all occassions : black? dark blue? grey? pinstripped black? I'm also looking for some well fitting shirts and ties to go with the suit. I like Italian styles which have...
hey .. where can i find the DH scarf hoody on the net ? I'm also looking for the Y-3 track sneakers in black but I'd like to find a site which sells all the Y3 styles on the web.... all help is greatly appreciated
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