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I'd love to hear more restaurant and store recommendations.
Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! Brazilian day sounds great! Anymore suggestions in terms of stores and restaurants? I'd be especially grateful for any recommendations on events happening during the time I'm there like for ex. Brazilian day.
I'd love to prepare a store & restaurant list for my visit. Here are a few stores that come to mind from previous visits: Leffot Steven Alan Freeman's Sporting Club Unis J Crew Rhinelander Mansion Gant Bleecker Epaulet Anything else of interest going on during this week? I know the US Open will be on. What about interesting museums and sights? Look forward to hearing your suggestions! Thanks in advance !
Thanks so much!! Will be sure to do that! Any further restaurant or store recommendations? Would love to hear them!
Thanks to everyone for the great recommendations. I visited most of the places that were mentioned here. I am planning a new trip soon to NYC. I would really appreciate hearing some updated store, restaurant, sights, museums, sporting event etc. recommendations. Thanks!!
Steven Alan Gant - Bleecker St Unis Leffot (as you mentioned : go here for shoes) J. Crew Liquor Store Freeman's Sporting Club
Go for aquascutum.
Quote: Originally Posted by gusvs Go see Mina at Napoli Su Misura and then you can have your fitting when she comes to Stockholm end of May What is the address of Napoli Su Misura in Naples?
How about RTW shirts?
If I was to visit one shirt maker which would be the one? Best value for money and quality of fabrics.
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