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I wonder where they find these people as these pictures definitely do not portray "normal" street style in Helsinki.
does anyone know the maker of the boots and sunglasses pictured? Thanks Bentley. I'm not sure if they are Moscot though.
Any help is much appreciated. Thanks everyone.
I believe these trousers are by Balmain if I'm not mistaken? Who makes the boots? Who makes the sunglasses in these pictures below? Thanks in advance !
Is Hong Kong cheaper than say Paris or London?Any other interesting Chinese brands apart from Shanghai Tang ? I only know ST.
Are the prices for luxury items in Shanghai and Hong Kong much higher than in say Finland? I'd like to find something very unique to China. Perhaps a good tailor in Hong Kong that you could recommend? Any other stores similar to Uniqlo and Muji that are worth visiting? Are the prices at Uniqlo similar to Tokyo, NYC or London?
Are there any restaurants or shops which you would recommend? Any stores in these three cities worth visiting? Thanks in advance. I have heard much about "the armoury."
Not sure as of yet but most likely it will be a two week trip in order to see and experience as much as possible.
I will soon be visiting these three cities. I would be very grateful to hear some recommendations in terms of shopping, restaurants, sights, museums etc. What is the best way to travel between these cities and in which order should one visit them? Looking forward to reading your recommendations! It will be my first visit to China. Thank you in advance!
New Posts  All Forums: