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I just saw the Meermin thread and will be sure to visit them as well.
I'll be visiting Madrid soon and I would very much appreciate to hear your recommendations in terms of shops, restaurants and sights. I have read through previous threads on the forum but would greatly appreciate hearing some updated recommendations! Shops: Man 1924 Just One Scalpers (Rafael Medina's brand?) Carmina Loewe Any other stores worth visiting? I'm especially looking for local products such as Carmina shoes or Loewe leather goods. Sights: Prado Museum Museum...
Thanks everyone for your replies. I might purchase one shirt from Battistonig but I'd like to buy a bunch of reasonably pricedood quality dress shirts for everyday use from a local maker.
I have read the previous Rome threads. however, i would appreciate some updated recommendations. I am especially looking for well priced dress shirts from local makers.
I will be visiting Rome and I'd like some recommendations on shops and restaurants. SHOPS: Slowear Borrelli outlet? Boggi I'm looking for stores which would be unique to Rome. Smaller stores. I'm especially looking for some nice reasonably priced spread collar dress shits. RESTAURANTS: Any suggestions?
Thanks so much for all the replies. I will look into those options!
Does anyone know where to find these? I've been looking for a pair everywhere. I literally visited almost every department store in NYC (Bergdorf, Barneys, Bloomingdales, Saks etc.) and I couldn't find them anywhere. If someone is knowledgeable about a European website selling these boots I would be most grateful !
Where can I purchase a pair of brown suede jodhpurs online? Preferably from a European site. Thank you in advance!
Thanks !I'm looking forward to hearing more in terms of restaurants, music venues, clubs etc.
I will mostly be in Manhattan but I'd be ready to venture out to Brooklyn as well.
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