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Thanks so much for all the replies. I will look into those options!
Does anyone know where to find these? I've been looking for a pair everywhere. I literally visited almost every department store in NYC (Bergdorf, Barneys, Bloomingdales, Saks etc.) and I couldn't find them anywhere. If someone is knowledgeable about a European website selling these boots I would be most grateful !
Where can I purchase a pair of brown suede jodhpurs online? Preferably from a European site. Thank you in advance!
Thanks !I'm looking forward to hearing more in terms of restaurants, music venues, clubs etc.
I will mostly be in Manhattan but I'd be ready to venture out to Brooklyn as well.
any restaurants or stores worth visiting? My list: Freeman's Leffot J Crew Ralph Lauren - Rhinelander Bergdorf/Barneys Restaurants: ?
I will be visiting NYC again next week and would love to hear some suggestions in regards to stores, restaurants and general events happening during this time frame. Thanks in advance ! I'm especially on the look out for nice dress shirts and a nice pair of jodhpurs.
I'm interested to know what are your favourite suits from the Suit Supply spring/summer 2012 collection?
anyone? All help is greatly appreciated !!
Not exactly. I'm Finnish Swedish with long Swedish ancestry. The highest frequency of the Haplogroup I1 gene in the Nordics or the "Viking gene" is located near to my ancestral home on the western coast of Finland."The Haplogroup I1 (defined by specific genetic markers on the Y-chromosome) is sometimes referred to as the "Viking haplogroup".[citation needed] This mutation occurs with the greatest frequency among Scandinavian males: 35 percent in Norway, Denmark and...
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