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Thanks for your views. What is their nicest three piece and suit they have on offer? I saw a few on the website but I'd really appreciate hearing your views (from those that have seen the suits in person etc.). Which would you pick from these (i'm tall): Lazio 3P (grey check) Washington 3P light grey Lazio 3P blue I am obviously looking for versatility in the suit and the possibility of wearing the jacket on its own as a sportscoat.
Which suits would you most recommend? I'm looking for a nice three-piece suit but could also try others? Pictures would also be appreciated. Thanks !!
which three piece suit would you recommend from suit supply (construction, material) ? thanks!
Any help is much appreciated, The coat pictured at the bottom looks to be Balmain. What about the shearling coat and the long cardigan? Where can I find them or smth similar? Thanks in advance.
It would be nice to hear your opinions on stores that you shop at in Helsinki. Here is my list: Beams My o My Fere Nicolas
Please can you help me identify the following pieces : Where can I find this coat or something similar : Where can I find this belted cardigan or something similar: and this coat or something similar (Balmain?) :
Thanks so much for the Carmina tip. Is the 50% off at all their stores or just the Gran Via one? Thanks everyone for all the great recommendations!
Thanks for all the great replies. I totally forgot about Burgos. Do they also have RTW shirt offerings? I will also be sure to visit the Reina Sofia. I would love to hear more recommendations! Thanks again for all the replies. They are much appreciated.
I just saw the Meermin thread and will be sure to visit them as well.
I'll be visiting Madrid soon and I would very much appreciate to hear your recommendations in terms of shops, restaurants and sights. I have read through previous threads on the forum but would greatly appreciate hearing some updated recommendations! Shops: Man 1924 Just One Scalpers (Rafael Medina's brand?) Carmina Loewe Any other stores worth visiting? I'm especially looking for local products such as Carmina shoes or Loewe leather goods. Sights: Prado Museum Museum...
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