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Hi everyone, Im heading to New York and would greatly appreciate some restaurant, store, sights that you'd recommend. I'm looking for a good place for the best cargo pants and white denim shirts. Any ideas? RRL?
Would greatly appreciate some advice, suggestions. Thanks!
I would greatly appreciate some tips regarding restaurants, sights, stores etc to visit in Tokyo. I am especially interested in Japanese brands, the best things to see and good local restaurants. In terms of jeans, which are the best to look into ?
Please can you assist me with the sizing of the private white vc twin track jacket. I ordered a size 6 from Mr Porter site which states that a Eur52 is size 6 while Private Whites own website says size 5 is a 52Eur. Im not sure whether I should exchange to the size 5 although the size6 is quite spacious. Please help.
Hi , Im looking for some high quality good price|quality ratio shirts in Milan. Any ideas ? Id also appreciate any other suggestions|recommendations on what to do in general and what stores to visit Thank you in advance
I will be visiting Florence for Easter. Wgat would you recommend (food, events etc.)? Which stores should I visit? Is there a particular Florentine piece of clothing I should look into?
Thanks for the tip ! Will go have a look this weekend.
What would be a good place to purchase a good looking ready-to-wear suit in London at affordable prices (500-1000 Euros)? I am aware of Suit Supply and Boggi but is there any others that you would recommend? I am especially looking for a nice three-piece. What are some good affordable tailors you would recommend ?
Barbour Heavyweight Sylkoil longer-model jacket. The jacket has been used once. 42/107cm 200€ + shipment from Finland
I would appreciate it greatly if you could recommend some restaurants/hotels/shops in these two cities. Thank you in advance!!
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