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lmao nice lighting Quote: Originally Posted by Kodiak
nvm. fuuuck it!!! 4 week to wait to see if this works out and if not I'll be sellin some shoes on the forum and wait another 4 weeks for results.. btw anyone have a good picture of some black yearling/kangaroo stockman? I saw one pic but can't find it anymore
Post a picture showing top, side, and bottom view please and let me know what size it is.
Ok I'm up to page 60 and things are even mre confusing now... Anyway, I've concluded that I more-or-less have the same size feet as Sator, which makes things easier. Can they make the stockman in F width or smaller and yearling leather? I really like the stockman but if I'm size 7F in yearling craftsman, wouldn't a 7F kangaroo leather jodhpur be too loose? I don't really like rubber soles, although that may be a future purchase... I'm just wondering what to do...
GED, what's your measurement on the brannock device? I've been recommended to go 7G in RMW though I measure exactly 8D on the brannock and wear 8D AE PAs. I just want to know if 8F is definitely too long that it would cause the heel to slip. is there anyone else here that measures 8D? let me know what size you wear in RMW and how it fits, thanks!
yea. that's what I'm lookin for.. need more pictures.. especially of people wearing the stockmans. Can someone kindly give me a good suggestion for my last question? Thanks!
I see... I'm still having trouble nailing down the best length to go with on RMW craftsman. I'm thinking of having some MTO since there is now a waiting time for RTW RMW craftsman. I'm either 8D or 7.5E in Allen Edmond PA's, There are pictures of a size 11 RMW compared with a size 11 Allen Edmond on page 9, showing that they are the same length, but then again these are different lasts so maybe the RMW is meant to be shorter. That's I'm having trouble deciding...
hmm.. is it possible to have storm welt brass screwed and what's that look like?
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Here's the 11.5G next to a Park Avenue 11.5 EEE. As noted, the PAs are maybe ever so slightly longer, despite theoretically being a size smaller: Same two shoes again, showing (hopefully) that they are pretty much the same size: If I could take a picture with the soles right against each other, the size similarity would be even clearer. Anyway, I thought this might interest those still struggling...
how do these RMW Simpson boots: http://www.nungar.com.au/catalog/pro...roducts_id/163 compare with these Alden Chukka: http://www.leathersoulhawaii.com/200...hukka-restock/ In terms of quality & fit, anyone know? OP said the simpsons were really wide but there are no decent pictures of them. Hey GED, what leather are those craftsman, how come it has so much creasing? Also, why is this thread so lacking in pictures? would be nice to see some what are...
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