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Yea I went with yearling too. If I'd gotten kangaroo I'd have to go down in width definitely. I'm on the wide side of a D width, haha. I was just wondering, since I most likely could fit into a 7F yearling craftsman, would that mean that the 7F stockman would still be the perfect fit? craftsman and stockman are built on the same last right? With length should there be a few centimeters of slip if you hold your shoe in place and try to push your feet forward in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Trompe le Monde B543 craftsman yearling chestnut w/ nailed soles (MTO) AE-PA-10D to 9F works perfectly. shape of heel contours well to feet, ankle fits nice and snug, love that theres enough height for my high arch, just enough wiggle room for the little piggies, perfect width, about as good as it gets ball of feet isnt getting enough support, but i think the foot bed just needs breaking-into I'm curious...
btw is there a RMW last which doesn't have such a triangular shaped nose? I didn't expect the chisel toe to end in almost a right triangle shape. Is the narrow-medium toe (macquarie) the same? (what I mean by this is the exaggerated slant that goes from the tip of the shoe to where the outer toe or pinky, rests). This is only noticeable when I look down at my feet when I'm standing up; but from any other angle it looks fine. I guess I was expecting the Craftsman...
How do you remove indigo stains from leather shoes?
was so excited to finally get my black craftsman (nailed sole) today... and they fit perfect. I wear size 8D in allen Edmond PA and went with 7G in these. (feet measure 8D on brannock). Should I polish these up first before wearing? I bought the black polish and it says to use in conjunction with RM williams leather conditioner... (leather conditioner = saddle dressing?).
Did anyone attend Inspiration? http://inspirationla.com/ can't believe I didn't hear about it. Can't find anymore info on it either. What were highlights? Were there any good giveaways or deals?
Quote: Originally Posted by IIIrd Icon tnx. yea, can't wait for the Jins x SuFu x BiG collab, man ... LHT Jins on a 0500 silhouette [Wranglerpro styling as icing on the cake]. that'd be like "eating ice-cream while having sex", an xgf might say. don't you love the untypically less slubby denim + silver details on those Yamatos?! freakin work of art. what are Jins? some Samurai cut?
Quote: Originally Posted by origenesprit How awful. Incredibly talented guy, I was always hoping for the day when I could afford his stuff. RIP yea, same here. Thought it was a joke at first too. It's sad, wonder why... seemed like he had so much still ahead of him.
I totally forgot the RM Williams boots / Craftsman have a higher arch than other shoes, which explains why the ebay measurements could be off if they just measured in a straight line. At this point I don't care anymore, just hoping that it works out. If not I guess it'd be easy to resell them on the forum for what I paid and take a loss of shipping cost. sigh... this never-ending journey to find the perfect shoe (addiction) requires comfortable shoes to walk...
oh sorry, thought you were giving me the typical SF douche response / attitude towards noobies. Sarcasm doesn't translate well on the internet
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