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Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade After much trial and error, I have found that an 11.5H is the best-fitting size for me in the Craftsmen. The shoes pictured above proved to be too short. YMMV. If they're too short shouldn't you go up in length? You wear 11.5EEE in AE PA but 11.5H in craftsman.. I'm confused why that is when everyone else has to size down 1 in length from their PA size. strange..
Quote: Originally Posted by Tez Mulan sure, give me 24hrs - travelling!!! Thanks! and try to use the same left / left shoe for comparison.. I don't know if it's just me but the black stockman seems to have a lot more texture / detail, but that may just be since your black stockmans aren't brand new. Starting to wonder if I prefer the welted sole if only for the illusion that it makes the shoe appear longer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tez Mulan Normal Sole v Brass Screwed Sole Hey Tez could i trouble you for some more side-by-side comparisons of these two shoes from different angles? I'm starting to feel that I like the look of the welted sole on Stockmans. Kind of seems too plain from the side without it.
weird.. in the catalogue it looks narrow.. I'm looking for a more slender shape.. not too pointy / triangular or round are the queenslander also on the elastic sided?
Looking through the catalogue atm... I'm really curious about the Queenslander Toe (B536) and Original Toe (B503, B507, B508). Can't find any shoes or images of shoes with this last. For my next RMW I want something less slanted but not too round either. The B543 craftsman toe kind of looks like this: right shoe --> |\\ ... almost like a right triangle-- though I'm used to it now and seems less and less so the more I wear it... weird.
Any idea how to get a "midnight black" (like I've seen on an Edward Green) tone on a pair of black shoes?
wow, do they still do the custom backing? Wish I'd known about that sooner. Also, can someone comment on my post above about the un-evenness of the protruding sole edges? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Sator Didn't Skalogre also post pics of chestnut roo leather jodhpurs? This was posted way back... Are these welt construction? I was wondering why it has such un-even lip jut (outer edge), or is that just the camera angle? I ordered a brass-screwed stockman and hope they don't turn out like that..
Any consensus/testimonials on a good boot tree (& reasonably priced) for B543 Craftsman? I actually like the line down the middle of the shoe and want to keep it in that shape for as long as possible. Also, Dingo mentioned petroleum-free shoe polish. Besides Waproo brand, are there other brands more easily obtainable in the US?
Oh yea i just remembered that all their boots have a steel shank in the support right? Does this usually set off metal detectors? Other question which Dingo's post brought up is, if my craftsman already feel comfortable brand new, wouldn't the elastic just get looser the more I break it in? (which is bad)
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