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btw is this crease in the heel (due to the heel cap, or whatever it's called) pretty much unavoidable if you choose kangaroo leather? I have the same thing on my pair. http://www.styleforum.net/attachment...2&d=1268036828
Are brass-screwed sole more flexible? I have this issue with my Craftsman, when they're resting, the toe-cap area of the shoe is bent upwards and totally deforms the shoe.. Makes it look really ugly and short (or could this be a length issue?) . I guess I really need some boot-trees. My 7F brass-screwed buckle boots finally arrived and they seem to fit fine so far... haven't walked in them outside yet though, trying to decide if they are too narrow. I think the B543...
thx for info LTM. Forum Special buckle boot... this I wanna see. though i'm guessing isn't possible. Is the buckle boot on it's own last? (B653) even though it's identical to B543.. There's nothing about the B653 available combinations in the catalogue.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tez Mulan 8F too big, I could be a 9D? that's really confusing now OK, my sizing experience - 1 x Craftsman, 1 x Macquarie 7.5G - both fit fine - 1 x Buckle Boot 7.5G - too loose -1 x Buckle Boot 7.5G, brass screwed sole - better than above but looser fit than the first 2 items - 1 x Craftsman, 1 x Macquarie, 7.5G, brass screwed sole - both too snug Reading the sizing recomendations in the OP, if I...
I wouldn't even wear these... they're too nice lol. Can't believe it's 9 months though.. demand must be crazy
Would be nice if we could just find a RMW shoemaker to answer the sizing questions once and for all. What exactly is the B529 last? Is it a "round toe" or a "narrow medium toe?" I can't find it on any catalogue model... What's the difference between the B529 last and the Macquarie? Quote: hmm., so if my Craftsman 7.5G fit good, for a brass screwed sole variant I need to go to 8.5F ? I think that'd be too big.. What are your feet measurement on...
I wonder how a buckle boot converted to the forum special would look
Woooo! my buckle boots are on their way! It's ony been 4-5 weeks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tez Mulan If your Buckle Boots are going to be for casual/semi-formal, I would say welted would look OK If I had a clean sheet of paper now... - make the 3 dress boots, all Macquarie * screwed sole, at size 8 - make the 2 Buckle both with welted sole, at size 7.5 * does anyone know if the Macquarie comes in claret.., cant say I've ever seen a pic of that config!? What about a Macquarie in claret with French veal...
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