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Will cost about $500 brand new and a 2 month wait, purchased from bootsonline.au I have never worn these outside the house, only tried on. Bought about a year ago but they never matched with anything in my wardrobe. Now I think my feet have gotten fatter so I am selling them, my style has changed somewhat as well, but I am considering another pair in a different color or half a size up. These are really nice. Brass screwed soles, size 7F is equivalent to about US 8C-8D ...
Anyone know what brand/season is this skirt / balloon pant? I don't remember where I found this pic
I've seen apc's go on sale before, not so much anymore
Anyone have these for sale? pm me please. I don't know how much they retailed for so let me know what's reasonable
Anyone have these for sale?
when is oak's sale happening? Couldn't reach em through email or phone
just curious, are there any high-end stores that only conduct business online?
Anyone know when the semi-annual sale at OAK starts? Or if they're having a winter sale? (I tried calling and emailing but got no answer)
New Posts  All Forums: