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i have no idea..please help
This is a toughy for me... Giorgio Armani or John Varvatos
Quote: Originally Posted by tommboy So I just tried on and bought for the first time Relaxed fit 7 for all mankind. They make my legs look SOO much longer. I think these might actually be a good fit (compared to all the other styles of jeans I own right now) and I might buy it in a couple different washes. My next question is how tight should the waist band be? I know it stretches and I actually fit into a 29 so I bought them. they fit fine but are...
normally wear straight jeans with low-top shoes so the jeans can hang as low as possible...elongating your legs
www.republic.uk.com this has the clothes I am looking for but does not ship to the United States what other websites have the same type/style of clothing for cheap prices...thank you
What is a good website to buy v-necks from anyone know (serious) I looked at www.republic.uk.com and they had fantastic clothing but they dont ship to US...anyone who finds a store similiar would be greatly appreciated
I am not a freakin troll...this is my first time to the forums...people do wear dogtags ya know...Just STFU if you dont have anything positive to say..easy as that
Quote: Originally Posted by anon haha, not even a good troll attempt wth im not even a troll...just looking for good fashion advice...this is my first forum..what can i prove to u that i am not a troll
Quote: Originally Posted by SlamMan In all seriousness you WILL get more help with what you're looking for in the street wear and denim forum. ok thanks..btw here is my picture of myself
BTW this is a picture of me
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