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into autumn now
Quote: Originally Posted by Casanova642 Hello forum! Second post ever! First photo of me. PS: I know I should have unbuttoned for the second photo Well you must be doing something right!
it does look great. pink shirt great. white or blue would look boring.
Quote: Originally Posted by miurasv Thanks for your reply. The DAKS's buttons are no lower than on VOX's blazer. They may look lower as in my pic (which the seller took) as the pocket flaps are tucked in. I'll take some pics in a few mins of the DAKS and the Turnbull & Asser I got today which is "close" around the midriff and has waist supression which there is on the DAKS too but not as much which could be explained to some degree by it being a size...
A tailor can usually get this right. If not, then you have a bad tailor or are asking for something not acheivable for your physique. maybe post a pic? i presume they are not pleated pants - they will always be baggier in the thigh, even if tapered through the lower leg.
You have two basic choices: (1) similar / complementary colours; or (2) contrasting colours (meaning either jacket or trouser will be fairly bright). If you want to add length / height, then contrasting is not always the best choice. You would have to be careful with jacket length and trouser cut to ensure good looking proportions. Contrast can work well with block primary colours, eg the NYYC navy blazer/ red pants combo. Contrast will draw attention whichever part...
Quote: Originally Posted by Serg It's a big giant personality test. Correct. If you got the interview, then your grades are good enough. they want to see the cut of your jib, and your inter-personal skills for dealing with collegues and clients. Quote: Originally Posted by JohnGalt Never forget this rule: always, tell the truth during an interview. Absolutely. Remember who you are talking to as well. HR...
well a few anecodtes and funnies are one thing, but a blow by blow account every days is tedious. my guess she is a person who attracts conflict in the workplace? might not be her fault, but hard yakka all the same
Quote: Originally Posted by miurasv Please can you explain the 2 + 4 brass buttons. Does that mean 6? Excuse the pic but what do you think of this DAKS? I may not have used the right description, but meant 6 front buttons, the bottom two pairs parallel and buttoning. As per your pic. DAKS is the classic old-man cut and must be avoided. They go for a "comfort" fit. The buttons are two low - avoid anything where the bottom buttons are...
no rulz in the game of lurrrve - get in quick my friend. at least that way she'll know you're interested, even if she bats you away for a bit while she collects herself. if she's worth it then she's worth the risk. if it's one of those messy break-ups then she's probably a messy person, so maybe no future in it anyway.
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