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Quote: Originally Posted by brass buttoned DB reefer with jeans, brogues is a great look, especially with the check shirt. Wish i could find a good DB here, had to let old one go cos i dieted too much. sh_t, all your pics are great Quote: Originally Posted by JPHardy Crossing the Bosphorus crappy iphone photo nice shot - got that "Topkapi" vibe to it.
skinny jeans = good, but not skin tight leotards i find slims / skinnies work best with my shirts, jackets which are also slim fit. i've got some looser jeans, but don't have much other stuff which goes with them. for me jeans are weekend wear, which is probably why. if i was a student or whatever, some looser jeans would be good for daily wear cos i'd have the other jackets and tops to match.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast i like this, including the belt. jeans look good too, keep them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Luc-Emmanuel with varsity jackets, I feel more like I travelled back to 1985. !luc indeed, got mine in 87
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Got a chance to snap some shots of the new jacket, click top for closeup. eek - cardinal sin of wallet in back pocket, not good for proportion and balance. like the general look though. i wonder if you should try two rolls on the turnups? i know you lose the cuff seam, but i have a similar build and find with slimish jeans and heavy footwear it works better to avoid any bunching in the lower leg....
white shirt, grey tie (may even a bit shiny). should work well if the suit is nice. take some small safety pins - opportunity to be gallant if your date (or her friends) have wardrobe malfunction, as often seems to happen on prom night... then you'll know what to unclip later...
Looks too big all round. Try to get the jacket in the best size possible, cos trouser alterations are easier to manage. For OTR size down on the trousers and let out slightly. Or you can take in the leg.
navy SB, plain buttons, narrow-ish lapel, standard length. the BB one looks about right. the rugby one is too short (will date), and while gold buttons are neat i think they work better on DB.
Quote: Originally Posted by You guys think I should slim the legs a little? Possibly, taking in the upper leg will also raise the crotch a bit, which i think would work. looks very nice as is though, wouldn't go overboard on tapering the leg - it's nice to see a slim but relaxed fit on teh forumz
oh just saw that your cousin already bought it. i hope he's tall, otherwise he should bin it
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