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I've found a bit of variation with 511s over the years, both in rigid and stretch. No rhyme or reason to it, just different batches i suppose.
Yes, please some recs. I don't like the action-thriller type (Ludlum, Grisham) - works for movies, but not so good for reading - although for some reason I find Cussler an OK sort of tosh Anything LeCarre-like out there? They're my favs.
no like. chukka lacing wrong for a solid welted sole like that. walking would work the upper too much, and not the sole.
Quote: Originally Posted by HPress Actually, you start to shrink after a certain age. That's why old people's clothes are baggy -- unless they shop for new ones, which they never seem to do. perhaps - and they might have been a bit cuddly before they loose the weight. but look at the cuts in stores older folks shop. even if you find the right size, the cuts are usually awful
sure does. i thought it was because the fat is starting to "dissolve" as your body starts burning it up, making it flabbier and more liquidy. that could be BS of course. maybe its just the looser skin before it tightens. anyway, it starts looking looser and that is a very good sign.
exercise a little, reduce portion size, eat well in the morning, eat less in the evening (nothing too stodgy), cut out junk food and processed food, be sensible about fatty and sweet foods including those bakery treats. make small changes, but make them permanent, and you'll lose weight over time and keep it off.
pocketsquare guy is right joining late, but this is a problem i have had to skirt around too. it's almost entirely about fit and cut. old men wear loose comfortable clothing, so that appearance is verboten. beware those awful in-house department store jackets and shoes (Marks & Spencer etc) - the cut is all wrong, impossible to look good in that stuff. avoid jackets which are too long, low button stance, or with closed quarters - classic old man. avoid shoes with short...
Quote: Originally Posted by CouttsClient I've noticed the older and more established I become the more unwilling I am to date someone who isn't financially successful. can you be established if you are old and still single? i think this is that thing women have about being protected and provided for. hard to feel that way if they are shelling out for the bloke. some of it might be snobbery, and perhaps a little bit of it suspicion of...
It's a girl my Lord, in a flatbed Ford, slowin' down to take a look at me
[quote=Junk;3437938].. jean is slimmer through the calf than the thigh, which is not good. maybe size-down so it's more fitting up top? or try some other brands - plenty of high st jeans like that you could try. not sure the higher rise is necessarily the answer, nor sizing up. make sure they're not loose around the hips when you buy, otherwise the flare will come...
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