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Oh dear. Bach is the musician's composer. Wonderful, but not actually that good a "composer". Opaque, impenetrable, unecessarily difficult to execute (for little corresponding gain), and not that effective on the concert platform. I love listening to and playing Bach though. I guess a lot of musos have more personal affection for Bach than any other. I don't see how Handel can be overlooked in place of the some the relative 19th century mediocrities he rates. Handel was...
"the opportunity" is accepted idiom. "an" opportunity sounds wishy-washy. no points for being indirect, say what you mean.
Enjoyed it. Quite different from the previous movies, without the Hogwarts setting. Far more mature take on the characters, and effectively conveyed them moving into self-reliance. Colour palette and locations were fantastic, and for SF'ers interesting to see the shawl collars and slightly edgier / more relevant clothing for the main characters. was it my imagination, or were there a lot more full length body shots in this film? shows the characters as whole people, nice...
OP she's still living with the guy! nuff said.
I don't agree with most of the criticisms on this thread (except maybe leather quality). What you've got is a bike-style jacket. it should be longer through the body so it still covers your back, especially when riding. aiming for the belt line is a good bet IMO. i think the red jacket pictured is too short for that reason. as to detailing, well fashions come and go. the super-plain jackets favoured on this forum will look out of date in a few years. a good bike jacket...
Pneumonia Died in a Florida hospital. It's a big building with patients, but that's not important right now...
I've found a bit of variation with 511s over the years, both in rigid and stretch. No rhyme or reason to it, just different batches i suppose.
Yes, please some recs. I don't like the action-thriller type (Ludlum, Grisham) - works for movies, but not so good for reading - although for some reason I find Cussler an OK sort of tosh Anything LeCarre-like out there? They're my favs.
no like. chukka lacing wrong for a solid welted sole like that. walking would work the upper too much, and not the sole.
Quote: Originally Posted by HPress Actually, you start to shrink after a certain age. That's why old people's clothes are baggy -- unless they shop for new ones, which they never seem to do. perhaps - and they might have been a bit cuddly before they loose the weight. but look at the cuts in stores older folks shop. even if you find the right size, the cuts are usually awful
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