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Does anyone remember "Shaddup You Face"? An Australian one i think: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaddap_You_Face Life Begins At 40 - another great novelty song from NZ: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hogsnort_Rupert
Quote: Originally Posted by eddievddr10 crowded house- dont dream its over that was their only US#1, but Neil Finn (and with his brother Tim Finn) are huge in NZ and Australia. they've done so much else same or better than that song. one of their side-kicks Phil Judd did Counting the Beat with a band called the Swingers - great tune and vid.
Fade to Grey - Visage. an engimatic quality to this one, i remember it vividly, playing at the roller skating rink as a kid (showing my age) I s'pose someone's mentioned Kids in America? What about Oh Mickey - Toni Basil! still a catchy tune. good call on Safety Dance
Are you meaning under NZ$300 per week? For two of you? Anywhere near to town will be a shoebox for that price. You could flat with other people though for that price range. If you mean US$300, then you have a lot more options. Personally, I would go as close in as possible, even the CBD area. You'll save $$$ and time on commuting, and the $$$ can go towards the rent. I had a 80sm warehouse / loft type conversion in High Street (plonk in the middle of the cool part of...
Are you buying or renting? The sort of work you are both in suggests Ponsonby / Grey Lynn, maybe Kingsland, or CBD. I would get an apartment in the CBD and have a look around when you get here.
WAYWRN on MC is generally quite constructive and supportive, and relatively more postings than comments. WAYWT on SW&D can get a bit tiresome - extensive bitching, faux feuds, and fairly blunt comments (or opinions I should say). But that also makes it funny. I suppose SW&D is more polarising - People on MC don't seem to feel threatened by someone else's take on classic clothing, but will still comment on objective issues like cut, fit etc. SW&D is more conformist IMO...
Fiddling the numbers, cherry picking the data, losing bad data, and hiding the methodology isn't good science. quite right to question their conclusions IMO. the emails show a startling lack of objectivity or open-mindedness which should characterise scientific enquiry. missionary zeal...
The original Thomas Crown Affair
yeah good movie
saw it in the weekend and enjoyed it. quite low key overall, so a refreshing change. the opening scene is chilling if you've ever had a public speaking "moment" - get's you hooked for the whole movie. a shame they glossed over the Chamberlain episode, in some ways that would have added to the arc of the story. i liked the juxtaposition of Logue's failed acting daliances reciting king's speaches from Shakespeare with his true-life job of helping a real King with...
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