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Well if he asked you he would have had his reasons, and it's an important thing, so I wouldn't turn him down. Reading between the lines, maybe he doesn't have a lot of close friends, or wants someone there from an important time/place in his life?
Quote: Originally Posted by mktitsworth Always remember Man rule #1: Bros before hoes. That doesn't mean don't do it, but it does mean to remember where your loyalties lie. Yes, and supplementary Man rule: if you date your mate's sister, you have to marry her. So that might make it a "no" for you depending on your inclination...
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Spent a few days back in MC so I'm questioning my judgement Honest opinions please. Too youthful for my age? : sorry late posting, i realy like this MoK - good stuff. although i think either the shirt or or the boots, maybe not both. top pic looks really good, bottom a bit too much. maybe if the shoes weren't new. jacket is cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by BP348 I'm with Huntsman, do yourself a favor and skip all the bullshit and ask her out on a real date. That will tell you right then and there where you stand and you can decide if you still want to waste your time. too late for that, she's gone. planned dates are lame anyway - a big hassle. spontaneous is better, which means seizing the moment which OP FAILED to do big time. best thing for OP is loosen up a...
when i met the right person... had both moved on from partaying by then. kids are great, a whole new part to your life. don't believe anyone who stays you stop being "you".
if it doesn't happen straightaway it ain't gonna happen... especially if you've already had (not in the good sense) her in your bed. and why would you want a female friend who you are attracted to? more likely to be a cawk-block than a wing-man for you. i had friend in college who did this, it (he) was a standing joke for years. move on pal! plenty more fish in the sea, and the odds of you finding the "right" one at your age are pretty low anyway.
don't let your friend indulge that sort of manipulation... a class invite is a class invite.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrG MC is really great when you're new, but its usefulness is somewhat limited. MC, more so than SW&D, is less prone to following trends and changes, so the scope of things that can be discussed is relatively narrow. Once you've learned a bunch and started to upgrade your wardrobe, the incentive to post frequently is diminished. Unless you're one of the posters who is extremely knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge,...
Not great. There have been quite a few publicised cyclist deaths in Auckland recently. Basically car drivers are very impatient, and *some* cyclists have rather independent views about the road code, or at least are not very good / fit cyclists. But plenty of people do ride. Just remember Auckland is a bumpy town, a car town, and there are frequent rain showers... If you're near to CBD it should be OK.
Yeah there is not much variety. put "character" in the keyword search, that sometimes helps. Otherwise try looking in Eden Terrace, Parnell, Ponsonby, Kingsland etc. The place I was in was called Little High Street (in High Steeet, CBD), so try looking there again. Lots of places, and regular turn-over. No parking with any of these flats though, so you have to budget for that. Council parking building across the road is $205 per month (great), but no midnight-6am...
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