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Yes, for day-time (2+4 brass buttons), no for night-time. Must be a good cut, two vents, not one of those old-man looking blazers from High Street with the button stance too low. Single breasted is too bowling club, you would be better off with a SB normal sports jacket.
well, you could wear the jacket with other pants, but it will still look like a suit jacket and not a blazer. sometimes the suit jacket look can work, maybe with some mod pants/shoes, skinny tie etc, but whatever you do avoid the man-in-his-mid-forties-trying-to-look-hip-look-with-suit-jacket-open-neck-shirt-and-pointy-slip-on-shoes-look... my gut feel is that that jacket in particular would not work well, because the lapels are too bellied and the waist too surpressed....
Quote: Originally Posted by mossrockss i like this... except for the elbow patches (naff).
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground!!! Nice one, catchy tune reminds me of Mr Spiffy a bit for some reason
sounds like a jerry maguire stunt. you mean professional sports? money = integrity? what about integrity in business, ha.
say "on a scale of 1 to 10, i'd give you one" that should cheer them up, or maybe not...
interesting - i always thought 22k was a bit effeminate. i have some cuff links, studs etc in 9k, and rings in 14k and so on. wedding band is 9k by choice, but doesn't have that copperish look some 9k does.
i have a spare one at work. don't travel much for work, but take one with me if i do
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent PG - I went back to have another look because other than being a little short and a bit too close fitting for my taste, I didn't remember the SC looking that bad. i am with you on this MOK - although i would say the jacket is early 70s rather than 60s? Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 Celebration friday in teh A': like this. gnatty -some great stuff from you. i...
Kiwi is a spirit polish, not a "wax" as such. one of its properties is that it penetrates into the leather like a solvent staining into wood. although it is low in pigment, it will affect colour more than a wax polish. this is good/bad depending on what you want to do. unless i want to change the look of the shoe in some way (colour, antiquing, accentuating the relief, holes or seams/edges) i would use a higher grade non-solvent wax polish for the first few times at...
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