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sounds like a jerry maguire stunt. you mean professional sports? money = integrity? what about integrity in business, ha.
say "on a scale of 1 to 10, i'd give you one" that should cheer them up, or maybe not...
interesting - i always thought 22k was a bit effeminate. i have some cuff links, studs etc in 9k, and rings in 14k and so on. wedding band is 9k by choice, but doesn't have that copperish look some 9k does.
i have a spare one at work. don't travel much for work, but take one with me if i do
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent PG - I went back to have another look because other than being a little short and a bit too close fitting for my taste, I didn't remember the SC looking that bad. i am with you on this MOK - although i would say the jacket is early 70s rather than 60s? Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 Celebration friday in teh A': like this. gnatty -some great stuff from you. i...
Kiwi is a spirit polish, not a "wax" as such. one of its properties is that it penetrates into the leather like a solvent staining into wood. although it is low in pigment, it will affect colour more than a wax polish. this is good/bad depending on what you want to do. unless i want to change the look of the shoe in some way (colour, antiquing, accentuating the relief, holes or seams/edges) i would use a higher grade non-solvent wax polish for the first few times at...
the florsheim ones are quite good - cedar split toe with a sprung plastic handle. i sometimes use the "coiled spring" cedar trees, but they are too strong for many shoes.
so many issues here. first, the effect of a polish greatly depends on the type of leather, how soft and porous it is. applying darker colour polishes is generally more effective on less porous grain leathers or corrected grains. it builds a nice patina, which i don't think you can get with neutral polishes. you need to assume you shoes will darken overall however. some polishes have more pigment than others, and that can affect things as well. don't ever use a polish...
You can get more wear out of them because they look better as they age. You can resole indefinitely. Also, once you get the bug you will have lots in your rotation which makes them appear last even longer. If you go for classic lasts the styling won't date either.
Generally she likes my stuff, although i get the odd comment on the number of shoes i have "accumulated". only adverse reactions are on some of my more extreme items (ie, a jeevesian "are you wearing that to work today?"), and generally i end up agreeing with her on those. so a positive influence all round. best bit is she likes thrifting as much as me which is great.
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