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not an overnight hobby... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/pict...im-Norway.html
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas this is badass http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2...destinations#1 Well played. Nice to have a whimsical but uncontrived touch in a picturesque context. I also like how they handled the extensions - distinct additions, in a demarcated style, and which don't compromise the form and fabric of original structure. Wonderful.
Glad to hear he was eventually kicked off the team. A difficult situation for the school to handle when things were only at an accusation stage. Was she reinstated to the squad after being vindicated? I hope so.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger who is the girl in your avatar? damn a chick off "me at my place". like the denim shorts...
Astronaut - I think the NCs look fine. If anything they look a bit loose, given they will stetch more. jjjay23 - The NC seems skinnier than 511s, and more tapered. 511s not such a good comparative though cos there's lots of variation within different washes of 511.
constitutional monarchy suits a lot of countries which prefer to have an apolitical head of state, and not be bothered with Presidential systems, written justiciable constitutions and the like. the chatter about the personal merits of whoever the incumbent Monarch is misses the point in my view. the Monarchy as a system works because Royal succession is *not* subject to popular opinion. in practice it provides a good balance. and it's been around for yonks, so has that...
leaving aside the shut-up comments (unless you want to dress like uncontrol), i really wouldn't worry about it that much. wear what you like.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol you don't get it because your understanding is fundamentally broken rubbish - he's just not going for the same sort of look as you or most of the other posters in SW&D. more of a MC casual look, but that's fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabe Not getting the hate on this. Looks smart, and fits you well. It's clearly a work outfit, not a weekend strut around. Who cares about quarter zips or whatever, i don't agree with the ageist comments. Although is the sweater polypro or similar? i'd stick to wool or a light cotton pullover.
i'd worry less about style, and more about swag. clothes play a part in that, but maybe not how you're thinking. maybe wait til you get there, and check out what the scene is. what you like is bound to change. go with what you like, not what you think other people will like. i really don't understand the problem with chucks. i wore them at varsity, and i wore RM Williams boots as well. Neither worked for me...
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