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Mr. Brooks
Does Sarah Silverman count?
Only I and kronik may speak of Flair, the rest of you are sickening- never say his name it is like dirt in your mouth.
Try a true paisley shirt
Paris hilton is literally the perfect women-her body is flawless. White women are the BEST women in the World! Enough of the Asian, Latina appreciation stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 You like it, the human hair? Seriously, he did not. Rami proved that he deserved the spot and that he can "construct" if he has to. His second look was just perfect If the point was to provoke the judges and make them wonder what else can he create then Chris was a lock. Rami's work for me has always been so boring, the 3 looks he presented in the finale were no exception. the dress Rami did was great...
Chris Was Robbed!!
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 No, I'm pretty sure I'm sane. But they're all ugly when you get down to it. Even Christian's. Were these meant to be costumes to wear when wrestling? That's what I'm assuming. Sweet Pea's just seems the least offensive. let's see Christian: leather and tacky lace. Ugh. Fredrick's of Hollywood The Weeper (aka Ricky): Ugly orange bathing suit. Early 80s Penthouse look. Sweet Pea: FoH bridal...
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