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I third the idea of listing the models height, weight and usual clothing size. It's the only way to judge fit online.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron Swimming Pool is one of the best boob movies of all time. Could you mention some other good boob movies? I need to improve my knowledge of cinema.
McCain is having a panic attack. He has cold feet, not sure he really wants it, doesn't want to see the campaign through. Obama has won.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 If I may, Warren must be too. Five-year warrants struck at $115? Perp preferred with a 10% dividend? Sweet investment You'll note that Warren gets equity for his capital infusion. We should get at least as much for recapitalizing firms that are a good bit crappier than Goldman.
Still waiting for her damn Facebook page.
Broadcast News has got to be the best movie I have ever seen that is set in DC in any meaningful way. It's a top-notch comedy and it's very sharp about the city's professional life.
And on the flip side ...... in 1995, The Vatican put out a list of 45 "Great Films" to commemorate the 100th anniversary of cinema. Turns out it has a pretty good film critic. http://www.usccb.org/movies/vaticanfilms.shtml
Some good New York ambience: The Warriors (but you knew that). The Sweet Smell of Success. Gloria (by Casavettes). The list is damn near endless.
I had always wondered if they were the children of Mick Ronson, guitar player for, uhhmmm, Mott the Hoople, I think. Guess not. Also, I don't think Lindsay is a lesbian so much as she's looking for sensations and has burned through most of the straight-derived ones at a very young age.
Quote: Originally Posted by IGF-1 i covet (and will never own) this one from julius I was in Vancouver a couple of months ago and went into a boutique that was selling leather jackets by Julius. They were stunning but the one I fell for was $3500.
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