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I third the idea of listing the models height, weight and usual clothing size. It's the only way to judge fit online.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron Swimming Pool is one of the best boob movies of all time. Could you mention some other good boob movies? I need to improve my knowledge of cinema.
Still waiting for her damn Facebook page.
Broadcast News has got to be the best movie I have ever seen that is set in DC in any meaningful way. It's a top-notch comedy and it's very sharp about the city's professional life.
And on the flip side ...... in 1995, The Vatican put out a list of 45 "Great Films" to commemorate the 100th anniversary of cinema. Turns out it has a pretty good film critic.
Some good New York ambience: The Warriors (but you knew that). The Sweet Smell of Success. Gloria (by Casavettes). The list is damn near endless.
I had always wondered if they were the children of Mick Ronson, guitar player for, uhhmmm, Mott the Hoople, I think. Guess not. Also, I don't think Lindsay is a lesbian so much as she's looking for sensations and has burned through most of the straight-derived ones at a very young age.
Quote: Originally Posted by IGF-1 i covet (and will never own) this one from julius I was in Vancouver a couple of months ago and went into a boutique that was selling leather jackets by Julius. They were stunning but the one I fell for was $3500.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter I use my middle name as a first name, so I used to use my first initial - G. Globe Trotter but it confused people, or made me look even more pompous so I stoped doing it. In one of his numerous funny novels, Peter Devries has one character say to another who has introduced himself with his first initial and middle name "You part your name on the side." The side-parter says something like "Yes, like...
I can only echo what's been said. Basically, any sport where the winner isn't determined by some kind of measurement, either time or distance, out (although diving and gymnastics and boxing do have worthy pedigrees and are real sports, no question). Stoner diversions like BMX and frisbee (is that an Olympic sport?), out. Sports where other events determine the true champ, like tennis or baseball or basketball, out. Rythmic gymnastics is for perverts or worse, and must...
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