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I bought a Joseph A. Banks for about $250 and it's worked out ok. I clear the velvet rope at parties and it seems to fool most of the guests. Mine is shawl collar, which I like, but I've seen sales on their higher end peak lapel for about the same price.
I just heard a remix of Calypso Blues by Stephen and Damien Marley on the not-yet-released Nat King Cole Reincarnation. This is going to be a complete monster when it comes out, next summer's song.
I'm over 50 and I see no problem with this at all. Conne wouldn't be at all put out if the roles were reversed and he was Evan Rachel Wood and Mickey Rourke was Mercedes Ruehl.
Don't forget Orens Daily Roast and Ninth Street Espresso. Both have outlets here and there in Manhattan and are great drop-ins if you are just bopping around. And they both sell very good roasts.
I don't know very much about the particulars of this genre either, although I like the downtempo, lush-beats, elctrolounge, chill-out, etc. I've enjoyed Kraak & Smaak, Ulrich Schnauss, the ESL stable of DJs, and the labels Nightmares On Wax and Naked. I hear a lot of this on the online stream of KCRW, the Santa Monica public station, which is hip and tasteful at the same time. Try the shows Metropolis (which is on weeknights on both the live broadcast stream and the...
She looks sexy as anything but there is something about the general photoshopped sheen of the whole thing that leaves me cold.
Quote: Originally Posted by SField it certainly was a cry for help! I need something to watch that I haven't seen before and those happened to be the last things I'd seen. The Scorsese kick was basically done seeing 2 movies a day for like a week or more, I don't remember. Then to try and cleanse my palette I watched happy gilmour stoned off my face with a couple college friends.... help me... you're my only hope. PS. I'd also seen all the Larry...
I'm glad for the chance to get this off my chest. Turkey is an inferior bird. I've often wished the pilgrims had fed themselves on deer or pheasant, we could be stuffing ourselves on that today. Imagine the family gathering around a succulent venison haunch or piles of plump partrigdes. Mmmmmm. Instead it's turkey: dry, stringy and bland. But that's what you get at a party thrown by Puritans.
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty I want to see Repo Man again. What do you recommend? Fingers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger OK, I'm in a pretty bleek mood and I'd like a movie to match that! I also only really like movies made in the past 25 years. The Sweet Hereafter. Bad Lietenant. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.
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