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Judging from that picture she barely needs the operation. It'll be about as complicated as a mole removal.
I've never seen that picture of Nikki Whelan before. GodDAMN! she is fine. So, this time around, the blondes (preferably this weekend, and at the same time): Whelan Scarlett ScarJo can be on the short and chunky side (like in Vicky Cristina Barcelona) but I'm not voting for Monica because I suspect all these pictures we're heating ourselves up over are really old. I'm sure we'd be okay with the current version but also a little sheepish. She's pushing 50, right?
Whelan Dawn (I don't much care about this one and would rather it was two other people.) Bellucci Scarlett
1. Whelan (I can't believe I'd vote against Shay Laren for anything but voting against Nikki Whelan is even more unthinkable.) 2. Miller (Olga is a stick. A beautiful stick, but a stick nonetheless.) 3. Cruz (allison has a great bod but she's out of her league.) 4. Dawn 5. Bellucci (The only easy pick here, IMO.) 6. Biel 7. Johansson 8. Hazell (I'd happily marry Ivanka, but I vote for Keeley. Nikki Whelan has a clear road to the championship.
1) Laren 2) Whelan 3) Belova 4) Miller (a fiercely competitive match) 5) Cruz 6) Stokke 7) Green 8) Dawn 9) Bellucci (also fought tooth and nail) 10) Alba ( a walkover) 11) Lima 12) Ingerman (My toughest choice. I can't believe I'm voting against Jessica Biel, who has the best body in Hollywood, but that viola-shaped rump of Ingerman's carries the day. I think I'm just voting for the picture. 13) Ambrosio 14) Johansson (Sorry Anne. Nice girls finish...
Great posts dude. Stay with it. We'll be coming to your place soon.
I bought three shirts, one a tuxedo shirt. I'll let you all know how they are when they arrive.
Quote: Originally Posted by SwedishFish Between: "Is it your first time riding with us? Great, welcome to Metro! Please be advised that the train doors do not work like elevator doors you might be familiar with. If they close on your arm or your purse, they will not automatically reopen." Is anyone else as sick of the announcements on Metro as I am? There's one every three or four minutes, day and night.
It's kind and generous of you to adopt the cat. He is very cute.
I've had success buying from Lance as well. Now I'd like some success with his milkmaid avatars.
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