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I have no special tailoring expertise, but just looking at the pictures, I agree with the observation that there is too much fabric under the arms/behind the shoulders and you should lose some of it if you can. I don't think it makes your behind look big. The part hanging over your rear end looks fine to me.
This sounds like a perfectly reasonable one-set-to-failure (aka high intensity) program. I read a book by a high intensity guru named Matt Bryzck (sp?) who, while preferring leg presses to squats, recommends at least 90 seconds of continuous work for the large muscles in the legs to provoke strength gains there. Thats 15 - 20 reps depending on how fast you do them. What I'm saying is, one set of 20 is a good call. The key to a one-set, high intensity program is...
Good luck with the business Michael. I have a dumb question about the shirts you will be making: what is chambray?
There is "Uptown Top Ranking" by Althea and Donna and then there is the rest.
The mid=period jangle pop: If I Needed Someone, I Feel Fine, Drive My Car, Ticket to Ride, etc. Their peak.
I've forgotten tons of them also, but I'll toss in: The Bicycle Thief. The movie is pretty much nothing until the end, which turns it into the most moral film ever made. Breathless. That last puff of smoke out of Belmondo's mouth as Jean Seberg walks away. Nothing But A Man, when Ivan Dixon buries his head in Abbey Lincoln's neck and says "I feel so free inside." That's the best movie tag line. Not Some Like It Hot. Not Chinatown. I'm another one who never...
Badaaaasssss, Mario van Peebles version of his father's making of Sweet Sweetback was very good and it died without even a whimper.
Nikkiiiiiiiiiiii !!!
It's amazed me for a while now that more of the public hasn't caught on to Used Cars.
The movie that has had the most impact on me recently is Shotgun Stories, from 2008, which seems to have gotten next to no traction. It's a great drama. Two warring clans in an Arkansas backwater.
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