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And thanks for the updates and good communication while you were doing that cyber-juju to relaunch the board. Made the wait much less frustrating.
What follows are excerpts from a short article in last months Consumer Reports headlined "Steer Clear of the Cashmere Bargain Bin" ...Some manufacturers are using less cashmere, often in lower grades, and cutting corners in other ways ... manufactuers may fail to remove short fibers that eventually make sweaters pill... unscrupulous processsors add wool to the cashmere without labeling the fibre as a blend ... one of six sweaters we tested at a special lab contained about...
Yes indeed to both the above posts. This works especially well with solid colored single breasted suits with a fashion forward cut: the Gucci - Helmut Lang - Jil Sander family.
There is at least one good thing about a navel piercing which is that you never have to lose your keys again. Keeps your pockets empty too; preserves the line of your Dior Homme suit. After having broken into my own car a couple of times, I too have adopted the strategy of carrying a spare car key in my wallet. That makes two things to lose before disaster strikes. Maybe for you it's a house key. I also leave the bottom lock on my apartment door open (even when it's locked...
The length seems OK to me also, although the color of the suit makes it hard to see its details. I'd think about tapering the waist, maybe, bring it in a little closer to the body.
Seeing as it's a t-shirt line, I'll add In Heat.
It's just like thinking up band names. Feel free to use: Rocket 88, Built For Speed, Backlot, Pop N' Fresh, Dazzy, Crystal Meth, Rock and Load, Jet Boy.
Alexis, The pissing contests are held on the Ernest threads. No clear winner has emerged. The Styleboys were just kicking around labels, not each other. If we can't do that three-fourths of the threads disappear. I think what you meant to point out is that the pleasure found in the fine-grained examination of products and ranking based on minute differences is very much a male phenomenon. On this board, that explains itself: it's men's clothing. But that leaves...
I second Tiger's nomination.
I moonlight weekends in the men's department of the Saks Off 5th outlet at the outlet mall in Leesburg, VA. On the racks right now, there are: An Alan Flusser tuxedo, 38R. One button, peaked grosgrain lapel, very thick canvas. The tux is cut a bit wide and would be best for a 38R on the short, stocky side. The price is marked $400; the store is offering $100 off every suit this weekend (next weekend too) which takes the price down to $300. There is a sticker on the...
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