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Ernest, you alleged French person, QG is obviously one of those puns in which the French specialize. Say it out loud: "queue, j'ai...."
The Nazi SS were not ordinary soldiers and they weren't just following orders. They were an elite group that began as a domestic security force established by Hitler as a counterweight to the official security apparatus under the Gestapo (the state security police) and the Wehrmacht (the army), under his control. Eventually, the SS was charged with administering Nazi policy in the East, policy that included the shooting of 1,000,000 Slavs in Russia and the Ukraine where...
I bought a great looking black leather car coat (reversible, so you can wear the cashmere lining on the outside if you like) a couple of years ago at a store called Uomo, 475 Sutter St. They have a website.
Sorry Lexy, but it fails from the waist down. I'd like to see the vest a bit more fitted as well. Color and fabric are just right for spring, though. And truly, I'm pleased that you thought enough of our taste to ask, or at least to drop us a hint.
It's terrific, shoes and all. Brown shoes would turn the ensemble to mud, in my view.
Because this message is a little off topic, I will start by assuring youngteam that he is getting excellent advice from the forum members. I am not a Howard Stern listener and did not know that he had popularized the term Jumping The Shark. If by that he means a trend that has become eye-rollingly passe, however, he's misusing it. Jumping The Shark comes from the waning episodes of Happy Days when the show had overstayed its welcome by a couple of years and its ratings...
Georges de Paris took one for the team and said it was a pucker in the jacket (according to the BBC link above) but really now, have any of you, considering all the suits that all the people on this site have tried on and bought and analyzed and coveted, ever heard of a solid rectangular permanent wrinkle forming itself in the middle of a jacket's back? I don't care how bad a tailor Georges de Paris is, it's not a pucker. That it's a transmitter of some kind is...
I feel the same way and it's a shame, because I like the site. But it's pointless to log in. I'm posting this in the hope that Andy will get the message and improve the site once and for all. Especially if there's an article coming out in the Times about the site: his ad revenues go up with his page views and he'll never have another chance like this. And it's a great ad venue; his readers buy more clothes than anyone this side of Candy Spelling.
I suppose we'll have to have a thread on bespoke kickbox shorts now.
L.A. Guy, I'm right with you on the Chelsea Boot. Modsquad
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