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Anybody know a good leather repair place in or near Washington DC? I put a rip in the shoulder of my leather jacket by catching it on the car door and need to get it fixed. Thanks.
I recently watched another movie by Sunshine's director - Mephisto - and it is awesome. Germany in the 1930s. Klaus Maria Brandauer gives a great performance in the lead. The blu-ray's not out yet, although the compositions are great and should look even better in high-def.
Are there any? Any suggestions for what to order if I want to look like I'm drinking but not take in any alcohol?
Interesting post Jeffrey.
Do lifts that work the the muscles used in the upright row separately. Shrugs for traps, front raises of one kind or another for front delts, rear-delt flies, curls for biceps. What you are calling "the standard shoulder raise" may be what I am calling shrugs but they work your traps just fine. Cook up some super sets or pre-exhaust routines involving these exercises if you think they are not as intense as the compound movement. People who tell you that the way to ease...
I think it looks practical also. Wear it like a turtleneck scarf and if you find yourself cold, presto!, pull it over your head. Isn't it called a balaklava?
A couple of ideas for pre-1970. Touch of Evil has a score that's very well integrated with the film, as I recall. Also, and this is the one you should do, Juliet of the Spirits (Fellini). It might be fun to pick a totally cheesy movie like Tarzan or Charlie Chan. The scores probably speak volumes about racial attitudes at the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense I've got plenty of reccomendations now, thansk again everybody. Going to do my best to watch as many of these as possible even though I don't need to. Since it seems like a lot of you guys dig the subject, let's talk about specific scenes. I've only had one class by my teacher spoke of a boxing movie where it opened with a match, but a very serene (classical music?) song was playing in the background. Sounds...
Musicals are out, I assume. Post-1970, you might try Mean Streets or Welcome To L.A. In the former, Scorcese's chpice of short pop songs with a nostalgic feel (Be My Baby, the Stones covering Tell Me, Betty Everett, etc.) comes from the same sensibility that informed a lot of the music that emerged a couple of years later in the neighborhoods very close to where the film was shot: the first Blondie record, the first Mink Deville album, the Flaming Groovies, and the...
What makes me suspicious that Bolt might be on steroids is not his amazing times but the success of the entire Jamaican team. The men's 4 x 100 team just won in Berlin and won at the Olympics in 2008. Jamaican women won the gold in the 100m and the 200m, tied for silver in the 100m and won bronze in the 200m in Beijing. It's too much for such a small country. The population is too small to produce that many winners by chance. I read the book "Speed Trap" by Charlie...
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