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Dig is good, about the divergent fortunes of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols.
Fantastic thread. That Allison Stokke girl is a revelation. For my money, the best looking crew of women you are ever going to run into are the gallery assistants in the New York art galleries. Great bodies, legs to die for, perfectly turned out (especially the shoes), calculating in a dirty way, reeking exotic and mysterious sexual histories, and they don't leave the bed until 11 am. Such fine women.
What's wrong with the girl with the glasses? She's not beautiful or elegant or smoldering or anything like that but she seems to have her head bolted on tight enough.
Weld a little hook to your cell phone and string it around your neck. Also, I have always thought a navel piercing would be a great place to clip keys. You'd never lose them and they wouldn't ruin the line of your pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by briancl I would say the Uma Thurman performance in Kill Bill is a good example of bad "big" acting. I liked Uma Thurman's performance in that because she threw herself into it completely. She did things that stars don't have to do, and usually don't.
The definition of impeccable.
Harvey Keitel's performance in Bad Lieutenant - which the article mentions and which I think is a great performance - was the second one to cross my mind when I read the headline of the article. The first was another Keitel performance in Fingers; a grubby, nasty little movie (that's a compliment) from the late '70s in which a lot of actors are good and Keitel is superb. The article mentions Zodiac as an example of a recent movie with low-key naturalistic performances,...
Am I the only one who found There Will Be Blood a little pokey? Too many dramatic, epic-with-a-capital-E shots that didn't go much of anywhere in particular? Thought Daniel Day-Lewis was overdoing it just a bit, giving a self-consciously large performance in keeping with the theme of the movie? A number of reviews have said that he seems to be channelling John Huston, but I think these reviewers are full of it. He's channelling Sean Connery. I thought Paul Dano was...
Take the TA job. You are not breaking your word. You did not know about the TA job when you told your boss your availability. The TA job may well be valuable to you in the long term: looks good on your resume, your professor will go to bat for you in the job market, you'll learn a lot about your field, etc. TV/Cable installer is a job where people come and go; it's not a career and it has to take a backseat to the parts of your professional life that are, in fact, a...
That is so nice Mauro! Thanks. Add me to the guest list.
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