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The guests at the gallery openings are just lagniappe. \\The very best looking women in the art world are the ones who work in the galleries, who are there day after day.
Yes, emphatically. They are sufficiently gorgeous as a group that the New York TImes ran an article on the phenomenon within the last year. The most beautiful and stylish women in New York, which is not very different from being the most beautiful and stylish women anywhere.
No need to make a speech about the other guy. No need to even mention it, in fact. It sounds like she likes you. Allow this not-very-important-man to leave your consciousness when you are with the girl and she will do the same. Just get her to a place where sex tends to start - her place, your place, wherever - and make a simple, not over-thought, not over-planned move. Kiss her, feel her up or something and ask her in nice simple words to stay over or spend the night...
Quote: Originally Posted by why That's because your training sucks. I cannot let this slide. You have no way of knowing if his training "sucks" or not. Genetics has an enormous influence on how a lifter responds to weight training. That is a scientific fact that no amount of bluster can change. Be constructive or be quiet.
Quote: Originally Posted by breakz Anyone been to Redeem? Curious about these people... I think it's the best boutique in the city. The clothing is the most imaginative and it seems to be the only store in DC searching for new and interesting streetwear designers. And I concur that management and the sales help are charming.
Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon I use Axel F's Theme from Beverly Hills Cop...makes for an awesome ringtone. In the film "The Other Network" aspiring actress Amy Poehler is working as a personal assistant to Judge Reinhold who was at his pinnacle when he made Beverly Hills Cop and whose career ever since has been deader than King Tut. One of her jobs is to figure out how to program Axel F Theme into Judge's cell phone as a...
Yeah, really. It's possible that I have sort of a schoolboy crush on the film, but yes.
I thought this movie was great. One of the best two or three films of the decade.
So awesome.
No mention of the Mazda 3 yet. Mazda does very good design and engineering and the Mazda 3 performs great for a low-priced hatchback.
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