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It can be made to work in an early 1960s, digging jazz, Miles-Davis-running-errands-on-a-Saturday-afternoon way. I'd say wear it with black slim-fit wool pants and a good knit shirt. Stingy brim hat wouldn't hurt.
Try Fiasco by Frank Partnoy. Actual deal-doing takes place.
I have one. Made to order to my measurements 15 years ago.
There was lots I didn't see, but my 2009 Top Ten list stops at three: Bright Star, An Education, and Duplicity, which was incredibly well done although probably not art. Avatar was certainly an eyeful. It was a terrible year for commercial releases.
Jeremy Irons' suits in Damage (1992) are the last word in British tailoring. One look at these suits will end any and all discussion of which Savile Row tailor you should go to. Go to whoever made these suits, although I couldn't figure out who it was from the credits. Maybe someone knows? An earlier poster mentioned Clive Owen's suits in Duplicity. I liked those too. I think they have a slightly lower button stance than is usual and longer lapels. The cut along...
+1. That Ede & Ravenscroft DB is awesome. I agree that the button stance is a touch high but that may be necessary to get the closely tailored fit on the body. Anyway, I'm off to London to buy suits. I'll be back when I'm broke.
I am a big fan of the cinema blog Some Came Running, presided over by Glenn Kenny. Glenn is erudite, astute and movie crazed. He recently posted his "70 Best Movies of the Decade," which includes the following Asian films (I've only seen one): Goodbye Dragon Inn (Tsai Ming - liang, 2003), In the Mood for Love (of course), Night and Day (Hong Sang-soo, 2008), Ponyo (Hayao Miyazaki, 2009), Spirited Away (Miyazaki, 2001), Still Life (Jia Zhangke, 2008), Sympathy for Lady...
I wanted a Stowa Antea but now I'm trying to figure out why I shouldn't get a Blue Spark and an Alpinist for the same price.
Well, my Christmas shopping is done. Thanks for the lead.
If the criterion is "win percentage" - ratio of good movies to bad made relatively recently - I'd go with Julian Schnabel. Basquiat is his first movie and then, in this decade, Before Night Falls and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Overall body of work is Scorsese. I haven't responded much to anything he's done since Goodfellas, although the Departed is a good, solid commercial picture.
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