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Are you saying that this guy should plan his shit better? PS: 2010 pic. He's still jacked and tan today working with meadow and shit.
if you're an human being, yes.
I'm saying that you are not at a level or preparing for an event that eating something before and after your training would not solve your nutrition requirement.What do you think Whey will do that eating a steak 3h before your training and 1h after won't already do? If you wont eat hours after your training, sure, maybe you need some. But I doubt it.You can check Alan Aragorn for detailed stuff. He's pretty knowledgeable on that topic.
You wont....UNLESS your diet was missing protein. Then anything with protein would make you gain faster anyway.
If one scoop of protein actually change something in your training/diet/progress, you have to fix something. You're not eating enough. PS: I take a scoop or two of whey per day but I don't actually think that getting casein, egg or 100% bio-ultimate-grass-fed protein will actually matter in my overall progress.
I train back, legs, chest and arms every day, am I doing it wrong?
Agreed, I've been doing 2-3 sets of bicep every training day. Have helped a lot even though it's only for the ladies and I guess it helps my bench/dead somewhat.
Is this sugar free, low fat, 100% organic ice cream?
See guys, that's how you give tips with consideration of the hundred of different builds out there. ''Stay close to the bar''. Simple.
I don't know you APK but you seems like a good guy. Stay positive bruh
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