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Alan Thrall is great
get a room already
It was great, wasn't it
I'm getting PRs in the gym for the past few week, no menstrual cycle for me. But I'm also not cutting like a bitch and eating food Did 275 lbs (3 sets of 5s) on bench this Wednesday. Will see how it goes tonight.
Nobody is lifting, they're all busy using their rice cooker.
Body can take a lot of beating! I've been benching every day for the last couple of weeks with great results
However, if you never go past 80% and do multiple sets of them, how the hell do you know where your form breaks down when you actually have to work hard? Not saying you should be 8 sets of 4, but there is a reason why 5x5 is a good medium for newbs (don't remember if you're one or not).I like 4-6 sets of 2-3 or 4 for two similar exercises. Basically Sheiko.
It was never ''proven'' but it's sure nice to see that official committees are starting to reconsider their advise to the general population!
I eat around 100-200g of sugar maybe? I binge on cookies or cereals after training so it adds up quickly. Don't you guys like eating sometimes
Try paused leg presses. They're great
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