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I'm sorry to hear that
Meh, just do an extra set in the gym
If one beer messes up your diet, maybe your diet is not really solid after all. Just a video you may find interesting, it's a bit long but basically, one beer a day shouldn't really affect you negatively. It is binge and abuse drinking that usually mess you up.
Came for SW&D, stayed for RHET.
Hmmmm, wouldn't you want to avoid the package to pass custom/border? At that price, it is MUCH cheaper than I thought.
From what I've heard, it's not true up here in Canada but whatever, I guess it can't be as bad as in Australia
Thanks canadianbrah, could not remember the name and was too lazy to google it.
Probably. IMO, they probably tried both at some point in their lifting career and decided to go with a wider grip because they found it work better for them.On another note, I've been trying a new bench routine for the last weeks and it's been working great! I was stalled on my usual shit( ramp to a heavy 1rm, then 2 sets of 6) so I decided to try something new that I've read on some website.Basically, you ramp up to a 1RM, then do 6 reps then another 1RM (hopefully a...
What about Klokov?
james, plz respond
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