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Yep, don't overcomplicate whey protein. If it fits your budget and ingredients/brand isn't shady, you're good to go. Eat a steak though.
It might also be that you haven't found the right pec exercise for you. Experiment and check results.
Markl can probably pull off chicks while being wasted and fat, no homo.
What's your target weight for your fights?
Are you over 200 now or still hanging with the little kids?
Ugh, any tips for repairing elbow tears on shirts? I'm not paying attention and ripping my shirts/pants these past weeks.
Yea, I've ''heard'' it's a bitch sometime
Make sure you got good product and use the necessary precaution bruh.
Wow, can a male do that? Different structure and all.
Is it really worth it? Cost effective?
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