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If you keep cutting, yes
ITT, 2 options: 1. Tall but marfan 2. Manlet
5 10 manlet, know the feeling
Yea, you guys over 6'' and under 200 pounds are probably never going to look like you lift if you don't wanna gain moar weight. Eat moar
I might be I usually wear 9.5-10s in chucks/nikes.
Charly is a bit of a freak though. It's fun watching him progressing over the years getting really strong. Charly, quick technique question for you. After watching some of the strong natty pressers in the 200s(Bryce Lewis, Ben rice, etc.), you all seem to drop the bar on your upper abs...a good inch or two from your lower pec which is usually recommended. Did you always bench like that? I can't remember.
It just means he's weaker on high bar and need to get stronger, don't hate
in b4 Fuji rants on training not being a near-death 6th dimension fulfilling life changing experience
Look at Dan Green squatting: From what I've read and from my personal experience, I think that it's fine at the bottom of the squat. You use more quad that way and stay more explosive. You can also see it on wider stance squatter, see Chris Duffin:
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