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Hey Charly, I was surfing powerlifting watch and saw that lil ernie got a 2k+ total in his category: Rank Name Federation Date Bodyweight Total 1. Ernie Lilliebridge Jr APF 2014-12-06 195.00 2028 Insane You have to beat that now.
Gratz man
I do standing OHP behind the neck, front and standing dumbells OHP. Dat core work Rather do incline dumbell press than seated dumbell OHP imho.
Why? Because they're tough?
Started Sheiko last week, it's kinda fun benching every day at the gym We'll see if it will help me break my plateau...
I'm very curious of the reality of doping in other sports such as basketball, waterpolo, rugby, soccer, etc. The only 'scandal' on doping seems to be always related to american football or baseball (and now cycling).
Which comes back to what Charly said...aka, it's mostly regulated by a honor system which may or may not be a good thing when you want to see the best athletes on the platform. Not the ones that have successfully dodge the tests.
Yea, it was actually not that bad If I remember right, he only did 1 or 2 rep not so long ago so it is definitively an improvement.
Going for that ol' teacher/student fantasy heh?
How the hell can you find back squats uncomfortable when you're used to zercher squats ?
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