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I may actually get in this time especially if there may be some special sauce from Fuji
plz dont change fuji
Gratz Charly Best exercise to strengthen the low back? Need ideas for a raw lifter.
Wth, found a source nearby that sells big T 80$ for a bicycle. And here I am, trying to find reasons not to get on that stuff (cost being one of them)
Wtf 6-8k per month. Do people actually pay that much?
[[SPOILER]] Why?
Fuji, got the perfect article for you http://www.parents.com/pregnancy/my-body/fitness/treadmill-workout-for-expectant-moms/
she doesn't even lift
Does his series actually give practical tips with good reasoning? From the look of it, yes, but I get bored really easily on presentations that focuses a little too much on small details.
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