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come on bruh, I can't be the only one that still lifts? Rugby season is done so I've started a new program going every 2 days (4 day/week). Feeling goood
Is fuji dead?
Very cool!
Charly is still posting videos on youtube so still lifting.
Woot woot, found a cheap gym that has good floor for deadlifts and power cleans. It's been a while since I've gone heavy on those. Let's see how it goes through the rest of the year...
Congrats on the kid!
All good, it's good stuff, thanks
Damnnnn. What determine if the lifter is jerking with a close or the split stance? Build? Personal preference? I love watching OL but I'm far from knowledgeable on the different point of view on techniques.
Good good, finally someone don't want to remain a lanky 6'+ 150lbs
It's just that time of the year where people are getting drunk and getting pussies after cutting all spring. Bulking time will come shortly and hope will be restored
New Posts  All Forums: