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that's a nice physique/low bf! you can be proud
oh lol, time to use instagram filters Edit: what are the rules again? Not sure I can find the original post.
Alright, so that's what I look right now at +-225lbs (5 ft. 10) eating whatever I want. Rugby is taking a toll on my body so I'm only training 2-3 per week with reduced volume. Rugby did made me lose 4-5 lbs over the past weeks though.I might do a no carb diet for 1-2 weeks for the contest and see if I respond well. I guess I'm around 20% fat right now but I don't really care as I need all the mass I can keep for rugby. [[SPOILER]]
Sweet, where? I thought he was back to Canuckan.I like his videos a lot even though he's on that perma-lean-muscle-''bulk'' phase.
come on bruh, that hurts I'm on that 230 lbs lean train too
Stannis is starting to grow on me. Not sure if in the books he's supposed to be somewhat of a badass potential king but in the earlier seasons he simply look like a little bitch.
If you're not powerlifting/want to get a bigger deadlift. I would probably stick with stiff legged deadlift. I would never skip all deadlifts variation though, it is a good movement when done properly. There's plenty of dudes deadlifting reasonable amount without any size to show it off (Johnny Candito and Omar Isuf comes to mind). There's also plenty of big dude that deadlift heavy often. But then again, what size can you really get at 160-180 lbs natty? just my 2 cents
My friend got me to go. I kept looking to him with a ''are you serious'' face during the movie. There were beautiful women though.
you should send her a pic of buscemi, no text
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