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FYI I just purchased a RLBL tuxedo for about $600 and as a tux, it does not have any vents, and is single button, so it is not exactly re-purposed from their suits.
Silk or linen are fine, per blacktieguide.com
Which pump would you recommend? I've heard good things about all of these from SF: http://www.shipton.com/patent-pumps.html http://broadlandslippers.co.uk/Mens-Leather-Evening-Pumps http://www.bowhillandelliott.co.uk/product/black-hand-made-bow-pump/ My only inclination is to go w/ the B&E because they purportedly make the shoes for S&H but are cheaper.
I am shocked to find out that Rizzo's in Cambridge, MA closed a year ago: https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2015/11/17/master-craftsman-closes-shop/iwiaf8B8aNNAA5J27OH1IO/story.html He's done all of my suits and sport coats, I loved his work. He was the person I wanted to entrust to alter my tuxedo for my wedding; no one held a candle to this guy, I'm really bummed out. Are there any good replacements in the Boston area?
Just scored this incredible d'Avenza staple navy blazer. This is a company that flies way under the radar but I've seen compared to Kiton, Brioni, and Attolini on here. Can't believe I found this gem, I'm so happy.
I'm having a wedding as on-the-edge of evening as possible: the ceremony will be taking place in a rose garden between 5-6pm, while the dinner and reception will be taking place at a banquet hall from 6pm until midnight. According to The Guide (blacktieguide.com), it's a special situation since it starts in the afternoon and continues (mostly into the evening):Because it's technically before 6pm, and technically before sunset (around 6:30p that time of year in the...
Searching the forums I see a lot of really dated threads on Cantarelli. Looking at a blazer from the Absolute Light line, and can't really figure out if I could use that as my standard navy blazer. I have an Isaia suit, so I'm looking for a blazer of similar quality and shape. If the quality is still on par with Caruso, Corneliani, and St Andrews, would that be a worthwhile pickup for ~$200?
Is this a fully-canvassed blazer?
Is this a European 46? The pit-to-pit seems small for a 46R, unless it's really a 36R.
What is the widest part of the leg? I have large thighs and the 30" waist has me skeptical about the rest of the pant taper.
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