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Which pump would you recommend? I've heard good things about all of these from SF: http://www.shipton.com/patent-pumps.html http://broadlandslippers.co.uk/Mens-Leather-Evening-Pumps http://www.bowhillandelliott.co.uk/product/black-hand-made-bow-pump/ My only inclination is to go w/ the B&E because they purportedly make the shoes for S&H but are cheaper.
I am shocked to find out that Rizzo's in Cambridge, MA closed a year ago: https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2015/11/17/master-craftsman-closes-shop/iwiaf8B8aNNAA5J27OH1IO/story.html He's done all of my suits and sport coats, I loved his work. He was the person I wanted to entrust to alter my tuxedo for my wedding; no one held a candle to this guy, I'm really bummed out. Are there any good replacements in the Boston area?
Just scored this incredible d'Avenza staple navy blazer. This is a company that flies way under the radar but I've seen compared to Kiton, Brioni, and Attolini on here. Can't believe I found this gem, I'm so happy.
I'm having a wedding as on-the-edge of evening as possible: the ceremony will be taking place in a rose garden between 5-6pm, while the dinner and reception will be taking place at a banquet hall from 6pm until midnight. According to The Guide (blacktieguide.com), it's a special situation since it starts in the afternoon and continues (mostly into the evening):Because it's technically before 6pm, and technically before sunset (around 6:30p that time of year in the...
Searching the forums I see a lot of really dated threads on Cantarelli. Looking at a blazer from the Absolute Light line, and can't really figure out if I could use that as my standard navy blazer. I have an Isaia suit, so I'm looking for a blazer of similar quality and shape. If the quality is still on par with Caruso, Corneliani, and St Andrews, would that be a worthwhile pickup for ~$200?
Is this a fully-canvassed blazer?
Is this a European 46? The pit-to-pit seems small for a 46R, unless it's really a 36R.
What is the widest part of the leg? I have large thighs and the 30" waist has me skeptical about the rest of the pant taper.
Sweet - I'm going to stop by the Zegna dealer near my office and give one of their Milano suits on a try just to make sure everything is good, but I may be interested
Is the chest pit-to-pit actually 23"? I'm normally a 44R but lots of brands seem to differ in what their actual chest size is. Also what is the drop in the jacket? I've seen Milanos drop as high as 8, but it seems like a 6 since the pants are so large.
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