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Looking to have a very traditional black tie wedding. A few questions as someone who is budget-conscious but wants to look great for his wedding: I'm thinking of thrifting my tux from a place like here - I've seen some amazing tuxes at great discounts on the B&S forums. If I do that, is it okay if my groomsmen get their tuxes from a different brand, provided the color of the tux and the lapels match? My thought was to get my tux on here (Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren,...
Can anyone identify these pants? They're Italian made, summer weight, light gray wool pants. I want to say they are Canali knowing my taste but I can't confirm. I tried looking up the model number on Google but to no avail. Any ideas?
Price reduced - priced to sell!
BUMPED. Price reduction and FREE CONUS shipping included
Classic Allen Edmonds brogued shoe in a classic color. I wear 11D-10.5C and they all fit fairly the same. These are in good condition and need a new home - I basically just don't wear them as much as my other AE shoes. full album here: http://imgur.com/2MyHgA1,ETBmz7n,tefcHJn,xHZJpOZ,q3DTeNd#0 Color is always a tough one to judge on photographs but I'd say these are a bit less "orange" - it seems as though my camera has an orange-tint to my room, these are more of...
Yeah I know this is an old thread but I've had it in a box and want to offload it - offers welcome
Price check on cordovan neumoras?
freeman suit: are the pants pleated? what is the drop on the jacket?
yet another price drop
I have a navy suit and a tan suit, and the only time I could see wearing the black tie would be with a tan suit and white shirt or some other "sartorial" combination as you've referred...it's not that I need advice, I just obsess over versatility and I literally want someone else to make the decision for me thanks for the input!
New Posts  All Forums: