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Price reduced - priced to sell!
BUMPED. Price reduction and FREE CONUS shipping included
Classic Allen Edmonds brogued shoe in a classic color. I wear 11D-10.5C and they all fit fairly the same. These are in good condition and need a new home - I basically just don't wear them as much as my other AE shoes. full album here: http://imgur.com/2MyHgA1,ETBmz7n,tefcHJn,xHZJpOZ,q3DTeNd#0 Color is always a tough one to judge on photographs but I'd say these are a bit less "orange" - it seems as though my camera has an orange-tint to my room, these are more of...
Yeah I know this is an old thread but I've had it in a box and want to offload it - offers welcome
Price check on cordovan neumoras?
freeman suit: are the pants pleated? what is the drop on the jacket?
yet another price drop
I have a navy suit and a tan suit, and the only time I could see wearing the black tie would be with a tan suit and white shirt or some other "sartorial" combination as you've referred...it's not that I need advice, I just obsess over versatility and I literally want someone else to make the decision for me thanks for the input!
Someone just pick for me I can't decide... You only have enough money for 2 Hober grenadines, which 2 of the following 3 colors do you choose? Navy, Burgundy, Black
any word on if the Neumoras will be available in some sort of shell cordovan?
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