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Sorry, not sure of the model I'd have to take a look when I get home and see if I can figure it out.
2/10 PRICE DROPS - PROBABLY WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN. THANKS FOR LOOKING! UPDATED WITH THE BELOW TWO ITEMS W+H Wool Blend Vest | sz M More of an interest check. Worn 10 times or so, still looks brand new. Fits like a W+H medium, or just a little slimmer. $240 shipped W+H Olive Button Down | Sz S Worn once, looks new. Too small. Pit to Pit 19" / Length 26" $65 shipped W+H Tan 5 Pocket Cords | sz 31 Probably worn 15-20 times. Still look great, but may need some repairs on...
Wings + Horns Olive 5-Pocket Pants size 30 BNWT from this past season and measure the same as the tan ones: 15.5" waist and 7" leg opening. $70 shipped
Any code for February? Might be making a purchase soon. Also, do you have a policy for holding product? Thanks!
Yeah, their oxfords have gained an entire size across the seasons...I have to size down now.
It sucks? I'm slowly fading out W+H and only buy select sale items/ebay/yoox - looking into buying more made in america products like Taylor Stitch at much more reasonable prices without the "fashunz" mark up. I owned the leather varsity up there, it was nice, but the raglan shoulders looked goofy on. Looking back at all the W+H I've bought I feel kind of underwhelmed, other than the tiger fleeces (but they're just hoodies..) and a few unique fabrics it's all kind of...
Had this jacket a year, wore it for the first time yesterday, so I took a pic. Wings + Horns x 4 and TBC
Pre-owned - price is reflected. Still looks pretty much how I bought it, has been sitting on my couch waiting to be photographed so it's collected some dust, could probably use a wash. The shirt's scrunched aesthetic was present when I bought it (as evidenced by the placket). It has a VERY subtle black plaid print under the navy, but it's almost impossible to see. Measurements are 16.5" shoulders, 19" pit-to-pit. NOW $25 SHIPPED! Crazy cheap, considering shipping will...
Looking to buy this shirt in a medium. Will pay according to wear, etc. just pm me and we can discuss that! Photo here, but I think if you're selling you know what it looks like https://s3.amazonaws.com/assets.svpply.com/large/364964.jpg?1339851524
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