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Definitely made the right choice with the black
Quote: Originally Posted by KPO89 I don't think they have sales on the collaborative stuff. Yea seams every time they have a special promo going on the collaborations suddenly disappear.
I'll take the indigo new standards, sent you a PM
Anyone who owns the plantation madras have shoulder to shoulder measurements by any chance?
Can I get measurements on the j crew shirt please? (shoulder to shoulder, pit to pit, etc.) thanks
Can anyone ID these boots?
may be a fairly obvious question, but I don't know much about denim. Anyone have any experience with the 484 in resin crinkle wash in both selvedge and regular? The color looks different when I compare the two, wondering if its just the picture or if the color actually differs because it's selvedge.
where can I find paul smith ricards? looked online with no luck
does anyone have any idea who makes this jacket? or where to get a similar one?
Hey guys, gonna finally throw this stuff on ebay tonight, thought I would give you first stab at it. If you are interested please PM me with a reasonable offer both of these items are basically brand new. 100% cashmere cardigan, Size Small, no tags, NEVER WORN (not my pic) \t Suede MacAlister boots in dark chestnut, size 11, worn once (too big for me)
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