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Anyone find that it takes weeks to get an email back from SNS Herning? So frustrating.
Quote: Originally Posted by MSSneaker I like mine to fit on the slimmer side. I usually wear a size small. Should I go with X-Small? I'd try and get measurements, no idea how the new ones fit. For the sweatshirt I bought, it was 22.5" p2p for a size small while medium was 23.5", wish I had known before purchasing.
I would do a very gentle cold water hand wash and lay flat to dry, and that's only if it's absolutely necessary. You'd probably rarely ever have to wash it anyways. Anyone want to sell me their 02-navy blue Stark cardigan from last year? Looking for a size M.
Obenauf's is beeswax though. The katahdin's have oil pulled leather uppers so they will darken no matter what, but if you look at the katahdin thread pics they do lighten up over time and show patina. I'd stop worrying about it and wear the shit out of them this winter, they'll be fine.
That looks nice, but from the picture it looks a little too light to be classic heather grey, or is it just the lighting? Looking for something closer to this shade: http://www.oipolloi.com/store/OurLeg...ange-4317.html
Take a look at the measurements for the flannel shirts (they're actually the same as the oxford button down shirts you're talking about): http://store.uniqlo.com/jp/support/s...8412_size.html Notice anything? T-rex stubby arm sleeve lengths. ARGH. Body length seems pretty normal and not abnormally long.
This is a lot harder than I thought. I was going to get a friend to pickup some Uniqlo sweatshirts but going by Uniqlo.jp measurements, the sleeves are abnormally short. Can anyone confirm Uniqlo NY has the same sleeve measurements, or are they cut longer? http://store.uniqlo.com/jp/support/s...5778_size.html
It's difficult to find something that doesn't darken leather. I have read that Obenauf's LP will wear off over time so it shouldn't be permanent.
Quote: Originally Posted by null0x In my experience, besides being marked a size smaller, Uniqlo long sleeve shirts sold in the Western market will usually have sleeves that are an inch (or so) longer than those sold in Asia. Is this true? Would make sense, since so many people rave about Uniqlo and having too short sleeves would work against that. So if I find something I like from the Uniqlo.jp website in size L, I would order a size M from...
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