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One on the left is actually pretty nice for a casual bag. Where to buy? EDIT: Nm, just noticed the watermark.
Found out from Uniqlo UK that their sleeves are cut 3 cm longer for the same sized item from Uniqlo JP. I'm guessing Uniqlo UK = US sizing? Can anyone proxy to Vancouver, Canada from Uniqlo UK or NY?
Quote: Originally Posted by JayRod Size Small Flannel Shoulder - 17 Under arm - 20 Sleeve - 25 Length - 28.5 Dude, thanks! That means Uniqlo US size S = Uniqlo JP size S for their flannel shirts, the measurements are almost exactly the same. The big difference, now confirmed, is that the sleeves are 2" longer in the US.
Can someone do me a favor and measure the shoulder seam to cuff sleeve length of their FW2010 flannel or oxford shirt from Uniqlo NY and post the size as well?
Located in Canada... we don't get Target or Uniqlo :/ Want to take some measurements for me on a size L flannel?
Ratboycom how tall are you? Can anyone confirm that Uniqlo NY/UK have the same tops as Uniqlo Japan/HK in terms of all measurements, but with longer sleeve lengths?
Anyone find that it takes weeks to get an email back from SNS Herning? So frustrating.
Quote: Originally Posted by MSSneaker I like mine to fit on the slimmer side. I usually wear a size small. Should I go with X-Small? I'd try and get measurements, no idea how the new ones fit. For the sweatshirt I bought, it was 22.5" p2p for a size small while medium was 23.5", wish I had known before purchasing.
I would do a very gentle cold water hand wash and lay flat to dry, and that's only if it's absolutely necessary. You'd probably rarely ever have to wash it anyways. Anyone want to sell me their 02-navy blue Stark cardigan from last year? Looking for a size M.
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