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Ebay only though right, need longer inseam. ARGH.
TACO, I'd email them for measurements. I think the most important would be the shoulder to shoulder, everything else can be altered to some extent. If you have to have a ton of major alterations done to it then it's probably not worth it. EDIT: Still looking for "slightly fitted" shirt fit pics. Anyone?
I went to the store today to try out the Levi's 501. Am I right to assume that whatever size I fit for the prewashed/preshrunk 501s (there were no 501stfs to try on) will be the size I also order for the 501stf but with a 2-3" longer inseam? In preshrunk 501s a size 32 waist fit me snug, I had to suck in my gut to button it up and the thighs and butt were pretty tight. They almost fit like a Gap Authentic sized down. It was almost hard to sit down in them. 33 was...
Wow everyone in Vancouver's gonna have a pair of these...
Thanks unrefinery. Are you talking about the slim fit stretch cords available currently on the site? Is it normal sizing (ie size 32 = 34" waist)?
Measurements available?
Saw a pic of the ACL X Gant Rugger Handloom Madras which brought me to this thread. Too bad only 73 were made. Are there any online stores carrying similar Gant Rugger shirts?
Bump... Looking for cords with that plush look as seen above, but in a non-baggy straight/slim leg cut. Any suggestions?
Hot pink bra top, nice. And for that I contribute: Beckham AW09.
Quote: Originally Posted by richmaguni So, what's the consensus on the stark? I'm waiting to order one but can't decide between M and L. My build is 6'2 180 lbs 41 chest. I saw one post recommend the L and another the M, since it will stretch. Is the length of the L awkward for people in the 6-6'2 range? wj4, was you order cancelled from that Støy Munkholm store? I'm not sure about currancy exchange fees, but to me they seem to have the best price...
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