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That looks nice, but from the picture it looks a little too light to be classic heather grey, or is it just the lighting? Looking for something closer to this shade: http://www.oipolloi.com/store/OurLeg...ange-4317.html
Take a look at the measurements for the flannel shirts (they're actually the same as the oxford button down shirts you're talking about): http://store.uniqlo.com/jp/support/s...8412_size.html Notice anything? T-rex stubby arm sleeve lengths. ARGH. Body length seems pretty normal and not abnormally long.
This is a lot harder than I thought. I was going to get a friend to pickup some Uniqlo sweatshirts but going by Uniqlo.jp measurements, the sleeves are abnormally short. Can anyone confirm Uniqlo NY has the same sleeve measurements, or are they cut longer? http://store.uniqlo.com/jp/support/s...5778_size.html
It's difficult to find something that doesn't darken leather. I have read that Obenauf's LP will wear off over time so it shouldn't be permanent.
Quote: Originally Posted by null0x In my experience, besides being marked a size smaller, Uniqlo long sleeve shirts sold in the Western market will usually have sleeves that are an inch (or so) longer than those sold in Asia. Is this true? Would make sense, since so many people rave about Uniqlo and having too short sleeves would work against that. So if I find something I like from the Uniqlo.jp website in size L, I would order a size M from...
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix ...yes. he wrote that it's optional. Doh, missed that. Thanks.
New bomber front looks great, but I think the back on the old bomber is more minimal and sleek. Any chance of getting a hybrid version?
Beware, Schott wool is extra itchy. And it sheds fibres all over the damn place, on your furniture and whatever shirt you're wearing.
Quote: Originally Posted by dunelly its a movie quote f00 yup.
Damn, so basically Uniqlo US is just relabeled a size smaller than Uniqlo Japan, the cut is the same? I find it very hard to understand how anyone in the US is able to wear their flannel shirts or anything for that matter considering how short the sleeves are! Especially for you 6'+ tall skinny guys, are you just rolling up the sleeves?? Seems like you need to be short or have stubby arms to fit their items. jamays00: Take a look at Uniqlo.jp for measurements. And...
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