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Do the Levi's 501stfs bleed a lot over clothes, shoes, furniture??
Wasn't directed at jet. BTW nice pic of Rashad
Seriously??? http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...44305&page=142
Quote: Originally Posted by mikecch ^ Not so sure of a dual layer design lasting several lifetimes... I prefer the single layer 10oz horsehide belt from Buco (McCoy). The belts I'm using at the moment: * Dolce Vita x Clever garrison belt, 15oz veg. tanned US steer hide * faith x Ken type II 'industrial' belt, 10.5oz compressed, veg. tanned bridle (compressed from around 12/13oz I think) * custom-made (in UK) belt, 15oz oak-bark tanned...
LA Guy: Is the LGC belt harness leather? How does it stack up against the others in terms of quality?
^+1, he knows his SNS Herning. P.s. someone please tell me where to get one of the Starks in 02-navy blue colorway, size M!
Chest measurement on the medium is 45.5", sweep 45". Looks like alterations are a must... EDIT: When slimming down a shirt from the sides, how do you do it without affecting the armholes/sleeves? Or is it advisable to just slim the whole thing down--from the sides, raising/decreasing armhole size, tapering the sleeve?
Sized down two... I can't even imagine how much that would hurt. How were you even able to button them up? Have the thighs and seat stretched out as much as the waist?
Quote: Originally Posted by il ciclista not bad for the price. Do you have fit pics? Or comments on the fit? Are the armholes huge and low?
Ok. I was worried they would stretch out to more than preshrunk size but I guess not. Thanks for the help!
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