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Pretty much agree with everything you guys said though I honestly don't mind where something's made as long as it's made well. The sad thing is, Wolverine customer service doesn't give a shit about the complaints which means all the feedback they're getting is going nowhere. From what they told me, it's up to the retailer to inspect each pair. hyong91: if your tans are the same size, consider keeping them and putting in inserts or something. Mine were different sizes...
Is this just bad luck or is Wolverine churning out a lot of subpar boots? First pair, dented toe box and gouge in leather. Second pair, different sized boots. Third pair, mismatched colors. Exchange pair on hold, mismatched colors, mismatched height and glue filler on welt. I've been laughing about it and really patient but I think I'm done, will probably return the third pair and give up.
I thought of that except both right boots are reddish and both left boots are purplish.
I emailed Revolve about the right boot having more red dye in its finish and they went ahead and inspected a pair for exchange. Customer service informed me the pair they have on hold for me also has this problem plus a half inch difference in boot height and glue / filler used on the welt where a chunk was missing. Disappointing. Should I just keep this pair and slap on a bunch of cordovan shoe cream or will it even out anyways? I have a feeling conditioner would just...
Anyone else notice their boots are different colors? The right boot is redder, lighter and shinier than the left. Can this be evened out somehow?
Man I really wanted to see justice done. Didn't someone even call up his dad or something? Lol
It's undeniable there's a quality control problem but their customer service problem is even worse. I'm guessing you had to deal with Laura Pellerito and her delayed, canned responses and general lack of care. You're not the first one to complain about her. I'm surprised Wolverine hired her to be "Consumer Relations Specialist" because like I said earlier, she doesn't really give a damn. A simple "I'll take care of that, we'll make sure you get a great pair without any...
Seems like ebay doesn't give a damn, I report items like these all the time but nothing ever happens.
That's unacceptable. More people need to contact Wolverine customer service about these issues so they start giving a damn.
I'm curious to know what wash those slim fits are on the shelf (4 from the left and 3 down from the top, pic #6), anyone know? Any other slim fit washes there?
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