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Thanks. Is 3.5" considered a good width between modern and conservative? I was thinking more around 3".
Does anyone know the width of the lapels for the Lazio and Napoli? Also, are the Napoli armholes high and the sleeves slim? From what I've read, the Napoli seems like a conservative cut but the modeled pictures all look pretty modern and slim with a nicely tapered trouser.
These seem to come with really long inseams (34.5"). Does hemming affect the leg opening width much (say to 31-32") and how much shrinkage to account for, 1/2 inch? Anyone with Alpha Khakis can comment on the fit of the UB201? Just going by the measurements they seem very similar, or is the UB101 closer?
For the gap selvedge raws, is the USA version worth the price over the Japanese one? Is there much shrinkage in inseam and width after wash?
Thanks for the input Dbear & Cmap. How do the thicker down jackets perform? Cheap quality???? So they like the function but are embarrassed to be wearing it... lol.
Never seen the stuff in person so I'm guessing their regular nylon down jackets look like crap too? Really poor quality?
Would you say the outerwear (nylon/polyester down and ultra light down, not any of the wool blends) is worth it at Uniqlo given their relatively cheap price?
Pretty similar yes, but imo the officer chinos feel a bit tighter up top.
ImBurningStarIV: Slim fit have a lower rise, tighter thighs and more taper towards the leg opening than the low straights. Slim boot has even slimmer thighs than slim fit and flare out a tiny bit at the leg opening.
^ Haven't been in this thread for a while... am I missing something here??
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