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Using both the -10 or the 1/2 chest methods give that size, but as the sizes get bigger they deviate more. Referring to this thread here: http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?48883-European-suit-sizingStill not sure which is the right way.
So on Yoox, many of the items are listed in Italian sizes. Most size charts seem to go by the -10 rule (IT 54 = US 44) but I've also read that IT 54 is half the chest size in cm, so 108 cm = 42.5" or approximately a US 42 to US 43. That's quite a bit of difference between the two methods, so which is correct?
Interesting, so items are constantly moved in and out of clearance. I wonder how many seasons old the item I'm looking at is. It's too bad about the final sale policy, there are quite a few items I like but unwilling to buy due to sizing concerns. I'll take a look at jet.com but I'm in Canada so I don't know if I can use it.Do clearance items ever get further markdowns, or only 20% off codes?
Guys, are clearance items always final sale? Do prices get lower at all or is an additional 20% off coupon about as good as it gets?
The inaccurate sizing and final sale terms on some items are exactly why I'm hesitating on making a purchase. Does Italian sizing run true to size? ITA 50 = US 40 or maybe 42?
Read some horror stories about Yoox customer service. Let's say you order something and it's defective (or used and stained, missing buttons, etc.) and final sale. Do they make an exception, or are you stuck with it?
Thanks man, I'll probably get a pair of these. Oddly enough, Dita customer service told me the titanium eyewire is actually pretty delicate and to make sure I get ultra thin lenses. They sure feel sturdy as hell. Also, there's a newer statesman three which looks pretty damn nice and is a lighter thinner profile.
Assuming the nose pads are adjusted properly, how's the comfort after wearing them all day? Big nose dents?
Unfortunately, a lot of the places around here have very little selection and only carry one of each frame but yeah I definitely agree, the 4 brands are all really nice. Dita seems to be the most sturdy but also noticeably heavier on the nose bridge so I'm wondering if anyone here has experience with daily wear of the Statesman.
Thanks guys, I checked out Oliver Peoples and Barton Perreira and they do seem to be well made but many of the frames I liked were a bit too small for my face. I also came across the Dita Statesman which seemed bulletproof but a little heavy. I was surprised by how decent they looked but I'm not sure if they're too trendy and will look dated in a few years. What do you guys think? How's the durability with Dita? EDIT: These felt pretty hefty, how's the comfort after...
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