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The inaccurate sizing and final sale terms on some items are exactly why I'm hesitating on making a purchase. Does Italian sizing run true to size? ITA 50 = US 40 or maybe 42?
Read some horror stories about Yoox customer service. Let's say you order something and it's defective (or used and stained, missing buttons, etc.) and final sale. Do they make an exception, or are you stuck with it?
Thanks man, I'll probably get a pair of these. Oddly enough, Dita customer service told me the titanium eyewire is actually pretty delicate and to make sure I get ultra thin lenses. They sure feel sturdy as hell. Also, there's a newer statesman three which looks pretty damn nice and is a lighter thinner profile.
Assuming the nose pads are adjusted properly, how's the comfort after wearing them all day? Big nose dents?
Unfortunately, a lot of the places around here have very little selection and only carry one of each frame but yeah I definitely agree, the 4 brands are all really nice. Dita seems to be the most sturdy but also noticeably heavier on the nose bridge so I'm wondering if anyone here has experience with daily wear of the Statesman.
Thanks guys, I checked out Oliver Peoples and Barton Perreira and they do seem to be well made but many of the frames I liked were a bit too small for my face. I also came across the Dita Statesman which seemed bulletproof but a little heavy. I was surprised by how decent they looked but I'm not sure if they're too trendy and will look dated in a few years. What do you guys think? How's the durability with Dita? EDIT: These felt pretty hefty, how's the comfort after...
I'm looking at getting some new frames and I'm really liking some of the ones from Salt Optics, Barton Perreira and Oliver Peoples. Can anyone comment on the quality and durability (hinges, material) of these brands? Salt seems to be highly regarded, not sure about Barton or Oliver Peoples (has the quality of their RX frames gone down since being acquired by Luxottica?). Thanks!
Really good info man, thanks. The other thing is the different AR and AS coatings, is there really a difference between Zeiss Super ET, Gold ET, Crizal Avance, Sapphire, Seiko Super Hydro, etc? I just want something durable that won't be all scratched and peeling in a few years
Thanks for getting back to me on this. I'm starting to realize that a lot of places are selling HD lenses that aren't really free form. What should I look out for? A lot of the smaller optical stores do sell free form lenses and I'm assuming they get them from a lab, but how do I know they're using the proper technology to make the lens? I've been told to try the Shamir Autograph, Hoya Nulux EP, Nikon SeeMax, etc. but I have no idea which is better, are these cut to...
Aren't the website measurements pretty accurate? The flannel measurements don't seem to have changed at all (I have a flannel from about 4 years ago and it measures the same as on their chart).
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