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Really good info man, thanks. The other thing is the different AR and AS coatings, is there really a difference between Zeiss Super ET, Gold ET, Crizal Avance, Sapphire, Seiko Super Hydro, etc? I just want something durable that won't be all scratched and peeling in a few years
Thanks for getting back to me on this. I'm starting to realize that a lot of places are selling HD lenses that aren't really free form. What should I look out for? A lot of the smaller optical stores do sell free form lenses and I'm assuming they get them from a lab, but how do I know they're using the proper technology to make the lens? I've been told to try the Shamir Autograph, Hoya Nulux EP, Nikon SeeMax, etc. but I have no idea which is better, are these cut to...
Aren't the website measurements pretty accurate? The flannel measurements don't seem to have changed at all (I have a flannel from about 4 years ago and it measures the same as on their chart).
Damn, the one shirt I wanted sold out online. If anyone can help with store pickup and shipping it to WA please let me know!
Owners of the highlands shirt, do you guys have any issues with the pocket placement? On mine the pockets are off to the side and would be more centered if shifted inwards about 1/2 to 3/4 inch.
Has anyone tried single vision high definition / free form lenses? I have a pretty high prescription (-9.00, +1.25, 90) and have been wearing contacts all my life. From what I've researched it helps with the fish bowl effect, peripheral distortion, glare and is also thinner than regular lenses. Is it really as good as they say? Also for those with high prescriptions, were you advised to choose smaller frame sizes?
Have you had to buy different sizes in the standard shirt? Just ordered a highlands to dial in my size, was hoping I could just order the same size in the future.
I think TS should get shoulder measurements up for their shirts, it's one of the more important numbers for proper fit.
I get that you're pissed but you could've made your point without telling LA Guy (of all people) to shut up. Good luck with that.
Did you end up going with your regular TS shirt size or up one?
New Posts  All Forums: