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I think that was more a product of his over-sized shirt though. Probably would've worked if the shirt fit better.
Sounds like you're in Australia. As a start, head over to the Streetwear and Denim section and check out the WAYWT thread. Look for guys that have the same build as you and pick up some pointers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bill Smith My vote is for the Omega Planet Ocean, there's a good chance you want to wear it in your fifties while the Bell and Ross will be sitting in a drawer somewhere. That's what I was afraid of I just needed some confirmation that my infatuation with the rarity of a Bell & Ross would be short-lived. Quote: Originally Posted by Warren G. Lol nice man. Post some pics...! I...
Thanks for everyone's very helpful insights. As an update, I struck up a nice conversation with the salesperson at a local AD, and it turns out I can get an IWC Pilot Chrono for roughly the same price as a PO, so I think I may have finally settled on my first 'real' watch
Screw the shoes, give me those watches!
I wouldn't go that far, but yes they do run a bit small. Although that being said, I'm usually an M in most things and I have both 'M' and 'L' stuff from G-Star. Best to check measurements or try one on in-store.
n00b question alert - is the 3717 just an updated version of the 3706?
What line of work are you in Kunk? I can't imagine you in a suit and tie though.
I'm set to purchase a Planet Ocean...more my size
Don't sell the Omega. That's beautiful...
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