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How do you guys take such epic pics??? Do you have DSLRs? Anyway, I'm glad I can finally contribute to this thread with my humble offering! Still learning how to use my new digital camera so excuse the sub-standard picture quality.
I tried on the Monaco cos I loved the look, but the 'feel' of the watch on my wrist was terrible. There was just no substance or heft like what you'd expect from a multi-thousand dollar watch. It didn't come across as quality in terms of build/finish - I'm sure the movement/accuracy etc is fine though.
Just put down my deposit. Very excited!! The store manager made it very clear that the receipt he gave me would go to the grave with me due to the high discount.
Quote: Originally Posted by Homme Did you used to post on the Vogue forum ? Maybe.....maybe not
Just curious Greg, what is the purpose of the datewheel displaying three days? Also, I'm assuming (correct me if wrong) that those are OEM straps. Can you point me in the direction of a good maker? I would like to get a deployant for the 3717 I'm soon to purchase, but not willing to fork out the hundreds $$ for it!
Wow so many more Aussies than I realised. Melbournian here, born in Malaysia, raised in Oz, now back in KL/Singapore working.
Ouch! That sucks on the non-AR coating Gazman - a bit of a silly thing to not have. Goes against the whole 'stealth' factor of the Phantom! PG the B&R looks fantastic in your pics and against the brown croco. I was interested in the Steel/Black/White/Black Croc combo cos I like the simplicity. Let me know if you ever decide to get rid of your B&R or PO I've started talking price with the AD on the IWC Pilot Chrono. His absolute best is US$3,086 (roughly based on...
I loathe Breitlings for their showy-ness and overcomplicated designs. Considering they are supposedly "pilot" watches I don't understand why they make the dials so hard to read. If I had to choose between them I'd go for the Omega, but I think Omega make some much nicer looking chronos, including the Speedmaster Pro. That beind said, it depends what will look best on your wrist - I love the Speedy Pro but at the end of the day, it looks shitehouse on me. I really...
Thanks! I'm not as dumb as my mum keeps telling me.
Quote: Originally Posted by whymakemedothis So do you read this thing? Is the time 10 past 10 o'clock in this pic?
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