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Mother's day last year, conversation between me and colleague: Me: So you done your Mother's Day shopping yet? Him: Dude...I thought I told you that my mum died when I was 9. I felt as big as an ant.
What's the general consensus on B&R around here and in the watch world? I have an IWC Pilot Chrono and an Omega SMP (discontinued version), which are both deliberately understated and non-attention-seeking watches. I was thinking of getting a steel/black/white B&R 42mm as something a bit more different and youthful since I'm still on the right side of 30. Something strictly for casual wear only. Opinions?
Interesting thread and it's always something I like to ask people I work with as well. I like to find out the different paths that successful people take to get where they are. For me (in Australia): 2004 - Graduated with honours degree in Commerce, applied for a lot of grad positions, unsuccessfully 2004/05 - Worked part time in medical clinic whilst still applying for grad roles 2006 - Determination paid off and I started on the 18 month graduate rotation...
I'm pissed off that I'm pissed off with someone...but can't help missing them and feeling a sense of loss. F*** this sensitive side of mine. I need to get me some bitchez and hoes.
Yes, have bought many things from them. It's a great site.
Quote: Originally Posted by monogram Thanks for the heads-up. A visit to Knox has shot up from the last thing I would want to have to endure on a Moday morning to the first thing I'm going to do on Monday morning. BTW, I had absolutely no idea that Bossini stocked higher-end accessories, as it's certainly not the impression they project. Bossini sure is an odd shop. Some terrible, cheap polyester suits but also sells Versace etc. Just a...
Hi sorry to bump an oldish thread but just wondering where you did your suit and how you found the whole experience with the tailor. Thinking of making my first foray into the bespoke world...
Quote: Originally Posted by oli2140 I will happily ship to US/Canada and Rest of Europe. However, delivery charges for this must be paid by you. How about to Australia/Asia? Can you give an indicative quote on shipping charge?
Sorry to hear that m@t How did it happen? Sounds pretty sudden.
Lucky Plaza has a few watch shops too. I haggled 20% off an Omega there (and got GST refund at the airport on top)
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