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This site provides you with that - I've already told you to have a look in the WAYWT thread for ideas on tie-shirt combinations. You seem stuck on doing the dark shirt, so you're always going to struggle finding a decent combination with a tie. If you go for a lighter shirt it'll be easier to find a tie to match (not to mention you'll look significantly better).
The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice
Return the shirt - it will look really contrived if you wear it with a black suit and silver tie, and finding a tie to match that will be difficult. You are not restricted to either a purple shirt or a white shirt. What sort of industry/company is it? Do others go to a big effort to scrub up? Maybe you can have a look in the WAYWT thread to get some combinations and ideas.
Quote: Originally Posted by hymo You drive along Jln Tuanku Abdul Rahman. It's a one way street. You'll eventually see Sogo, then down a bit you'll see Pertama Complex. Turn left, and you're on Campbell Road, with Campbell Complex on your right. To the left are several car parks; pick one. Then you walk down the road, turn left into "Asian Heritage Row". Lots of small pubs and bars. At the first junction turn right. His shop is the...
If I had cars like that I wouldn't just be parking them in my driveway (and I'd have a much nicer house!) I think he has great taste in wheels
Wow RM1,200 for the suit? That's a sweet deal. I have no idea where 'Off Campbell Road' is though. I live across the road from KLCC so I might speak to Fox tailor and see what they charge. They have some nice Loro Piana fabrics in their window. (p.s. that Lowyat forum is full of tossers)
I cannot believe that purple RLPL is still around. I would've snapped it up if I hadn't just bought another tie from another seller!
There's a Paul Smith sale starting tomorrow here in KL as well, but I got the sale prices early. I got 30% of a suit and latest season cufflinks, and 50% off another two pairs of prior season cufflinks. All up cost me about $850 or so.
^^ Half agree, but they took it up a notch on the 430. The last truly beautiful Ferrari to me. It has such a muscular, menacing stance that marries so well to that glorious bark it emits. This one is pretty ugly. Still a head-turner for sure, but maybe not entirely for the right reasons.
Never in my life did I expect to see the words "ah beng" being used on these boards... Has anyone seen The Rake around in Malaysia? I've checked newsstands, Kinokuniya, Borders, The Times....
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