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I love how it says "Click here to view enlargement" thanks?
From what I can glean fro Google, they are cars of an Arab Sheikh. What RRR stands for I don't know (they're not his initials). Quite a stunning stable. That Lambo SV looks sick.
Is there a typo on the price for the Canali? $65???
Adrian can definitely be trusted. He knows what he's talking about. Shoulders might be an expensive job with him though. If you do a search you'll see his name pop up as a recommended tailor in a number of threads.
Quote: Originally Posted by smmea I dont think you will get the job with that suit, nice one but not your size, looks like you borrowed for the interview, color rather for a date with a blondie cherleader. Try some navy suit and white shirt it makes you look more confident. It looks like it actually would look ok after the pants are hemmed and sleeves shortened. Maybe we need it FOOFED? Seems to be a passable fit around the shoulders and back.
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you ROFL? because Omega is not flashy?? how can a black carbon-coated (which absorbs light) watch be more flashy than a steel watch with a steel bracelet?!?! The B&R numerals are bigger which enhances visibility. The dials with brighter colors may draw some attention but i would no way refer to them as "flashy." My Phantom, see below, is pure stealth. Wow, go easy on the punctuation marks. If you'd read my...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dob I don't like them at all but this is a personal taste thing. I see them as a trendy, fad design that will look dated VERY quickly. I prefer watches of classic style. Well I have a Pilot Chrono and an Omega SMP, which are both relatively understated. I wanted the B&R purely for some unashamed showy-ness, strictly for casual wear.
Would like to know this too actually as I'm targeting the BR03-92 for my next acquisition...
Er...what was the price change?
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