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hmm...thanks for the reply mate but I'm not sure if that answers my question :P Edit: never mind I just realised how my questioned was misinterpreted haha I meant I couldn't find their international shipping policy anywhere on the site.
Couldn't find it anywhere on the site - do they ship international?
Michael, that first pullover; would that be equivalent to a size Large? (Got my two shawl necks by the way and they're great, thanks. Wearing one now!)
damn, one size too small otherwise I'd have snapped these up
Interested in measurements of the Crates too
Lots of great stuff. But you need to state an asking price for each item...
Mate, Michael is selling these for around $85 brand new (in Olive, small) so you might not be able to get your desired price.
Some of the other more knowledgable ones will provide a more comprehensive answer, but I think the problem is to do with the sleeve pitch?
We have a DeLonghi...one of those big ones with a water tank thingy on the front of it, and it sits on a big heavy base. It's fantastic and highly recommended. Almost identical to this: http://www.samstores.com/_images/pro...%20PRO1100.jpg Laurastars are also meant to be amazing but ridiculously pricey.
Why are these "NWOT" when you've worn them out of the house before?
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