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I'm not familiar with NdG jeans. Which of the ones on Context are these?
Are those the dry black APC NS? Any chance of more pics?
Definitely not selvage.
I purchased 4 Lewin shirts not long ago and were really pleasantly surprised when they arrived. I have a thin neck (15") but fairly long arms (34.5 - 35") so it's really difficult to find affordable RTW business shirts with those dimensions. I sized up to a 15.5" on the Lewins in order to get the proper sleeve length, threw them in the wash when they arrived, and now the neck has shrunk to a better fit. I can take measurements on a 15.5 Lewin if anyone needs. I found...
I hate those painted shoes.... And yet I love them.
Cheers doc, I tried going by the pics but couldn't make it out clearly so thought I'd ask
drducky - those zegna/incotex, are they a tagged 32 but measure 33 across the waistband? Is there any room to let out?
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Because Michael is sick and a) his tolerance may be low, b) he doesn't visit the forum, the sweatshirt is a Large as he has already said a few posts above.
Thanks nbutter. I tried putting a purchase through the checkout process just to find out, and sure enough they don't ship to Australia. Not sure about other destinations though. It's a bit silly because it has a huge list of countries to select from in a drop-down menu. Why don't they just have the countries they ship to?
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