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Another one that uses this knot. The odd thing is that I learnt it from a video on YouTube, posted by a store manager of the New York Turnbull & Asser, and he refers to it as the half windsor. Unless of course I'm tying the wrong knot.
Can you give eye/bridge/temple measurements?
Not sure why this was bumped, but P.O. Box is about as good as Casual Guy, Box Canyon and Man-to-Man, which is to say not very.
So......what's in the "XX" folder G?
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked Size down 1/2 size from your sneakers size (read: Adidas, Nike, Vans etc.). Not from, say, your Chucks Taylor size. So if I wear a 10 in Chucks I get a 10 in these?
Thanks for responding to my PMs ya bastard! :P
Why do I want this coat so much when it's 37 degrees celcius outside This diagram should help.
Hi mate, if you posted some measurements and specified what colour the suit was, it may help you generate a bit more interest.
Some larger sizes if possible!
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