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Another one that uses this knot. The odd thing is that I learnt it from a video on YouTube, posted by a store manager of the New York Turnbull & Asser, and he refers to it as the half windsor. Unless of course I'm tying the wrong knot.
Can you give eye/bridge/temple measurements?
Not sure why this was bumped, but P.O. Box is about as good as Casual Guy, Box Canyon and Man-to-Man, which is to say not very.
So......what's in the "XX" folder G?
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked Size down 1/2 size from your sneakers size (read: Adidas, Nike, Vans etc.). Not from, say, your Chucks Taylor size. So if I wear a 10 in Chucks I get a 10 in these?
Thanks for responding to my PMs ya bastard! :P
Why do I want this coat so much when it's 37 degrees celcius outside
http://www.heavyglare.com/sunglasses...ASUREMENTS.gif This diagram should help.
Hi mate, if you posted some measurements and specified what colour the suit was, it may help you generate a bit more interest.
Some larger sizes if possible!
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